Hawai’i: Tsukitate Mochi at Shirokiya

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My flight left Hawai’i in the evening, and in the morning, my mom drove us to Shirokiya. “You gotta eat mochi for good luck,” she said.
So we got a few bags of their fresh Tsukitate mochi…some to share and some for us. Sold in five or ten packs, they break down to $1 apiece.
Plain, but wonderfully chewy and sticky. We ended up eating most of it in the car, heheh. This car has been home to many a good snack and meals.
Too bad we didn’t store kinako powder or salted nori sheets in the passenger seats. Would have been so wonderful to wrap in the nori or sprinkle with kinako!

1450 Ala Moana Boulevard
Honolulu, HI 96814
(808) 973-9111

Hawai’i: Gecko Books & Comics

Super thank you to Risse and the Anonymous comment in regards to Gecko’s! I incorrectly thought they closed when I drove past the former location on Waialae two weeks ago…it turns out they just moved down the block and around the corner. WHEW!

Mom and I stopped by late one afternoon with mom to picked out a whole bunch of comics. They have an incredible vault of used Archies that I’ve not been able to find anywhere else. This place is a gem :)

Gecko Books & Comics

3613 Waialae Avenue

Honolulu, HI 96816

(808) 732-1292

Hawai’i: Samurai Sherbet

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My younger cousin, Victor, surprised me with a cup of Samurai “Maui Style Sherbet” the other night. He bought the bulk pack from Costco so there was plenty to go around. I haven’t had this stuff in forever. They used to sell it at the cafeteria at Punahou…I’m pretty sure that’s where and when I had my last cup.

This one is the Strawberry-Banana Swirl, though they come in a bunch of other flavours like Kona Coffee, Lychee, and Chocolate-Haupia Swirl. It’s like a cross between ice cake and “normal” sherbet. Read this Star Bulletin article on how the Samurai business got it’s start…article was published in 1999…feels so long ago, yet I remember reading this same article in hardcopy newspaper when I was in 8th grade!! Crazy ^_^

Samurai Product List

It was a…

…Lazy Sunday…

…so lazy we could barely raise our chubby cheeks and muster energy to stand up in the heat.

Roll over, stomach up. Someone is bound to scratch our bellies. Ahh, paradise ^_^