Good Morning, Good Evening

Sunday mornings start here. At Abraço.

With a cup of this.

And sometimes one or two more.

Sometimes I come alone, sometimes with a friend, but most often with Lauren. She likes her lattes :)

If weather permits, we’ll sit outside for a bit. Lazzzy Sundays are for unwinding and catching air. On this particular Sunday, we dallied away time shopping on 9th Street. I love how this city, how my neighborhood in particular, is so accessible. Coffee on 7th. Shopping on 9th. Soft serve on 13th. Cake on 4th. Pizza every where between 12th and 14th.

I love how my own two feet can take me anywhere.

Parting ways in the afternoon, I rounded the corner on 10th to meet a friend who had chosen to spend his Sunday with a book and a latte. Hours past quick when you don’t own a watch, and soon I found myself at dinner in Hell’s Kitchen, and then rushing back downtown for dance class. I went home post-dance and organized life because dusk is the best time to gather thoughts.

Later that night, I met with Kathryn and Dan – the most awesome couple in the world. We dessert-ed over cups of soft serve – root beer float with brown butter solids for them, and a twist of graham and malted chocolate for myself.

Sundays are, indeed, the loveliest day of the week.

86 East 7th St
NY, NY 10003
(212) 388-9731

Saturday with Sunlight

Early morning yoga, followed by lunch with Greg (aka Greg of the Waffles) at The Adore. Serene, quiet, and full of sunlight. If yoga didn’t already put me in such a fantastic mood, then the setting of this restaurant surely would have.

We scored a 2nd floor window seat facing 13th Street wallowed away the lunch hour with cups of coffee and bowls of soup.

Corn chowder and…

…potato leek.

We then moved onto sandwiches, uncomplicated numbers on toasted baguette. For myself: ham, avocado, melted cheese, mayonnaise, onions and tomatoes.

And for Greg: smoked salmon with mozzarella, cucumber, arugula and horseradish.

The food? All lovely, nothing exceptional nor extraordinary. The dewy sunlight though, was fantastic.

We parted post-lunch, and I went uptown to jazz dance the afternoon away. The dance studio is coincidentally located quite close to Bouchon Bakery. I swear, that pecan sticky bun called my name from afar.

I gave in.

Because you would be a silly fool to act otherwise.

Later that evening, I met Robyn and Jessica for dinner at the St Mark’s Grand Sichuan. We shared a few dishes, making sure to save plenty of room for the dessert to come. First, dumplings in red chili oil.

Then pork soup dumplings followed by…

…sauteed pea shoots and…

…Chong Qing dry and spicy chicken. Make sure to read Robyn’s Serious Eats New York post on this dish here.

Greg showed up at the end of the meal, and we trucked up sweets to his nearby apartment.

Jess had just come from her pastry session at culinary school and had plenty of bounty to share.

Tiramisu, Sacher Tortes…

…wedges of focaccia…

…and madelines! You simply have no idea how much I lovelovelove madelines.

As Jess and I devoured the sweets and savouries, we soon realized that the remaining half of our party had simply disappeared. Where to? It wasn’t hard to find them – all we had to do we peek through the windows ^_^

Robyn had gone to the Brooklyn Flea Market earlier on in the day and returned with exceptionally delicious gifts from Mitzy, including a stash of her signature macarons

…and a bag filled with ephemerally light gougère-esque puffs.

But the ones I love most were the savoury cheese shortbreads. Buttery, crumbly, and extravagantly rich.

We ate, and ate. Until we could eat no more. And then we paused.

And then Jess and I went out dancing.

It was a pretty good Saturday to say the least :)

On another matter, I still can’t seem to get those song lyrics out of my head…

“Is that all there is, is that all there is.
If that’s all there is my friends, then let’s keep dancing.
Let’s break out the booze and have a ball.
If that’s all there is.”

For the better, perhaps? Keeping it on repeat throughout the day induces a sort of calm, why not, why not, just chill sensibility.

Happy Tuesday night / Wednesday morning :)

Welcome back home Darien!!

Shann Sent Me Porn.

Malassada porn ;)

She was lucky enough to fly home for the 2009 Punahou Carnival and surely ate her share of malassadas, in addition to teri-burgers and taco salad. It’s been FIVE years since I last attended my high school carnival. The malassadas, piping hot, sugar-dusted, super crunchy on the outside and all melty, eggy on the inside and SO CRAZY CRAZY DELICIOUS, alone are worth the flight to Hawai’i. Ok. Next year. Tax season or not. I am going home for malassadas.

My goodness. I think I just slobbered all over the computer.

Happy Monday!

Two Things

Spam Musubis from Marie’s potluck party, December 2008

1. Punahou Carnival Post from Pomai -> The MALASSADAS look so good.


It’s chilly in NYC tonight.

I hope dad bought extra and popped some in the freezer for my next trip back :D

2. I’ve had The Supremes, “Where Did Our Love Go,” on repeat this whole weekend. But now I’ve moved on. I tend to do things like that. Listen to one song over and over again for any period of time ranging from two days to three months. Then move to another, fondly storing the old in the back of my mind.

As a result, I am not familiar with many songs. But those I know, I know very well. On repeat now: Peggy Lee’s “Is That All There Is?” I might actually like the Bette Midler version a touch more.

“Is that all there is, is that all there is

If that’s all there is my friends, then let’s keep dancing

Let’s break out the booze and have a ball

If that’s all there is”

Hope your weekend was as lovely as mine ^_^

FuerzaBruta and Some Pizza

FuerzaBruta, Friday Performance

How can it already be Sunday night? The weekends are much too short! These past two days involved what felt like non-stop dancing from Friday to Sunday evening. Dancing in all settings. Theatre. Broadway Studio. Club. Classroom Studio. My apartment – does that count? ;) It feels fantastic to move.

I studied a good deal of modern dance in college. And then stopped once I graduated and moved to NYC. I didn’t realize just how much I missed dancing until a few months ago. We’re bringing it all baacck.

Photos from Friday’s performance of FuerzaBruta with Robyn, Diana, and Lee Anne.

The interactive show involved a good deal of standing, moving, and dancing.

Theater meets acrobatics. With awesome music (thanks for the CD, Diana! :)

The show concludes with a little surprise involving a good deal of water. We left very happy and soaking wet. Stomachs craving something greasy and satisfying, we strolled our dripping selves in the cold down to Artichoke. Pizza time.

One Sicilian pie to go…back to my apartment, conveniently around the corner. Thank you, Lee Anne for venturing back out to pick up the pie!

Oh! Oh man, have you guys see the movie, A Christmas Story? You must have! Anyways, remember the leg lamp? Well. They HAVE THE LAMP at Artichoke. How crazy is that. Robyn and Diana each caught a separate shot of me in utter awe. The lamp is. So. Awesome.

We stuffed our faces. Fiddled with my hat collection. And did, you know, stuff.

More food to follow soon…

Artichoke Basille’s Pizza and Brewery
328 E 14th Street
New York, NY 10003
(212) 228-2004