Bia Garden

Meant to post these photos from Bia Garden, where Jess and I stopped in a few weeks ago. I still cannot wrap my head around expensive Vietnamese food, especially when that’s what I had for family dinners most nights in Hawai’i.

Despite an unwarranted price, our meal was tasty enough. Photos below :)

Spicy Roasted Peanuts

Crab Spring Roll, Pork, Shrimp, Lettuce Wrap

Shaking Beef, Spicy Cress, Red Onion, Mustard Vinaigrette

To dip: Chili Salt, Lime

BBQ Lemongrass Spare Ribs, Honey Glazed

Bia Garden
154 Orchard Street
New York, NY 10002
(212) 780-0010

Don’t Know What This Is Called…

…but I can most certainly tell you that it is delicious. And cannot be purchased anywhere in this city. Zubair’s mom made this Pakistani sweet of supple silky noodles cooked down to a pudding with cream, sugar and a fragrant air of rosewater. Chopped dates and almonds for crunch. Served hot, served chilled. Either way, I am in heaven ^_^

Saturday Afternoon…and into the Night: Gottino, Magnolia Bakery, and Moustache

It’s that time on a Saturday during an easygoing weekend – the one that comes after brunch and before dinner. That time when you’re not quite hungry, but not quite full, and hmmm, perhaps a drink would be nice ;)

So we met (in very lovely weather!), and set off to Gottino…

…and took that corner seat we always occupy. Almonds and walnuts…


…prosecco and pomegranate…

…along with a few plates of the snack-y sort: Prosciutto, Black Pepper, and Grape Must…

…Goat Cheese, Almonds, Honey and Figs…

…and Duck Confit with Cranberry Beans.

Post-Giottino we had ourselves a short walk and a bit of shopping. Then ducked off into Magnolia Bakery for dessert.

I’m not a huge fan of their cupcakes, but they do a few other sweets quite well. Banana Pudding, Peppermint, Chocolate Ice Box Cake, and pictured above, Banana Cream Pie…

…and Pumpkin Cheesecake. We were only supposed to share one sweet, but were carried away. We ate in the living room, in front of the television which just happened to be airing The Notebook. My goodness, is that movie a tearjerker! I believe it was the only time I ever cried while holding plates of cheesecake and pie ;)

Later on in the evening – midnight delivery from our neighborhood favourite, Moustache. Zubair had his usual Chicken Kebab Plate, consisting of lentil puree (SO GOOD!!!) and chicken breast with cilantro, garlic.

Breaking out of my usual Lahambajin Pitza mode, I went with the Ouzi, a baked rice dish wrapped in filo, with tangy yogurt and mint sauce on the side.

The rice is mixed with chicken, carrots, sweet peas, onions, raisins, almonds, basmati rice and “special spices.” I imagine that it is easy to see why Moustache is a standby for us ^__^

52 Greenwich Avenue
New York, NY 10011
(212) 633-2590

Magnolia Bakery
401 Bleecker Street
New York, NY 10014
(212) 462-2572

90 Bedford Street
New York, NY 10014
(212) 229-2220

Gotham Cookies

I met Michelle while I was covering the Swirl Dessert & Wine event last week for Serious Eats, and was completely enamored with her almond butter and lemon-coconut cookie. It was chocolatiere Rhonda Kave, better known as the owner of the Lower East Side chocolate shop, Roni-Sue (I’ve been a fan of this place since it opened in 2007), who introduced me to Michelle. Michelle was, and still is one of Roni-Sue’s chocolate assistants – she recently started a company of her own: Gotham Cookies.

We hit it off (how can you NOT with someone who creates such tastiness!) and Michelle was so sweet to drop off her collection of goodies. She started her company two months ago, and is working on her website which should be up and running in a few weeks.

My favourite of her cookies is definitely the Lemon-Coconut, though Mocha-Almond comes awfully close. And for you non-cookie people, she also does Chocolate Brownies and Peanut Butter Bars. Everything is organic.

Below, cookie porn! ^_^ heehee.

Lemon Coconut Cookie

Chocolate Chip Cookie

Mocha Almond Cookie

Almond Butter Cookie

Organic Chocolate Brownies and Peanut Butter Bar are packed in boxes by sets of four.

Chocolate Brownie

Peanut Butter Bar

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend ^_^

A little tidbit. Roni-Sue’s other assistant, Liz Gutman also just recently opened her own sweets shop! The company is called Liddabit Sweets, and it’s a joint venture with her culinary school friend, Jen King. Their Beer & Pretzel Caramels along with a line of Hard Cider Caramels are crazy good!

Gotham Cookies
(347) 452-6106