Jamaica, Part III. Sweet Spice, Ice Cream.

A coworker or mine that visits Negril frequently, recommended that we stop by Sweet Spice for a meal. So we did, for breakfast, one very early Saturday morning. The restaurant was quite busy and there were only three “plate” options available. Liver, chicken curry, and ackee and saltfish.

Each order was accompanied by a side of cassava and one big flat boiled dumpling.

Zubair and I shared an order of the ackee and saltfish with callaoo, plantains and two fried dumpling (just dough, nothing inside…tasted akin to a savoury doughnut ^-^)…

…and the curry chicken which also came with callaoo and fried dumplings.

Post-breakfast, we satiated our sweet craving at the only ice cream shop in downtown Negril.

Pictured above, one scoop of fresh coconut ice cream. Then off for a day of cliff diving and jet skiing! :)

Happy Halloween!

Jamaica, Part II. Shots From…

…the first bite.

We had a brief layover in Miami that turned out to be an extra-long layover with not one, two, three, or four…but five gate changes. It was past midnight by the time we arrived, and transportation options were limited. So we went with what was offered. Which was not necessarily the safest route, but really, the ONLY route, as it was a ninety minute drive from Montego Bay Airport to our hotel in Negril.

We were exhausted but hungry. And when I’m hungry, nothing matters but getting a bite to eat. Zubair and I were driven to the hotel by a man who managed to be all at once, friendly, extremely sketchy, nosy, and had plans to do other business with us on the side (!) The drive was unsettling, but I was so hungry, and asked that he stop off at this jerk chicken stand on the side of the street thirty minutes into the ride.

We each had an order of jerk chicken (quarter of a chicken each) – hot, heavily spiced and very satisfying, bones and all. Pardon, the photo is so blurry. I was scared we were going to be kidnapped (seriously!) or something horrible…could not focus on much else. I spent 50% of the trip really excited, and 50% really scared – there was no middle ground. This was meant to be a relaxing vacation, but I came back miles more exhausted than planned ^_^

Regardless, I was in wonderful company, so no regrets :)

We Are Back…

…from Jamaica ^_^ Our trip was very different from what I had anticipated, in a good way.

Aside from being stalked by a few locals, scammed left and right, and chased by dogs that tried to bite us, I assure you we had a terrific time! :)

What we did:
– caught (or rather, paid a local fisherman to catch) live sea urchins from the sea, and devoured the “meat” right on the beach…was awesome
– drove a motorcycle around Negril
– cliff diving…for Zubair, not me, heheh ^_^
– weaned myself off internet (and all technology for that matter!!)
– jet skied
– banana pancakes for breakfast every morning
– local food from Sweet Spice and Three Dives, and various jerk chicken vendors around the country
– relaxed!! We relaxed so much…

…but ahhh, it feels so wonderful, and so very right, to be back here in Manhattan :)

More Jamaica posts to come soon ^_^