Sugar Rushed…

…for the week at Serious Eats New York. Plus ‘Lunch for One‘ at Viet Cafe and Despaña, and TGI Fry-Day at the newly opened Bouley Studio :)

Viet CafeLunch for One: Viet Cafe

ABC KitchenSugar Rush: Chocolate Chunk Smoothie at ABC Elixir Bar

Borne ConfectionsSugar Rush: Gelato at Borne Confections

DespañaLunch for One: Despaña

One Girl CookiesSugar Rush: Lemon Olive Oil Cake and…

One Girl Cookies…Sicilian Float at One Girl Cookies

Smörgås Chef at Scandinavia HouseSugar Rush: Lingonberry Soda at Smörgås Chef

Bouley StudioTGI Fry-Day: Fries at Bouley Studio

Tate's Bake Shop (Southampton, NY)Sugar Rush: Chocolate Bread Pudding at Tate’s Bake Shop

Enjoy the weekend! ^_^

NYC: Kajitsu

KajitsuShots from the 8-course “HANA” menu at Kajitsu yesterday evening, dinner with the lovely Kayt.

KajitsuKajitsu serves Shojin cuisine, offering a four ($50) or eight ($70) course menu, that changes on a monthly basis. The restaurant is all-vegetarian, though many of the dishes were vegan by default. We just caught the tail end of July. Would be exciting to see how the menu changes as we move to fall and winter.

Photo by photo breakdown below:
KajitsuTo start, Frozen Sake Denshin

KajitsuChilled Tomato Aspic with Avocado, Fresh Green Peas, Wasabi, and Umadashi Sauce

KajitsuHouse-Made Hiyamigu Noodles with…

KajitsuSesame Dipping Sauce, Scallions, Cucumber, and Myoga

KajitsuClear Soup with Simmered Watermelon and Shiso Nama-Fu Twists, Junsai Shoots and Shiso

KajitsuThe “main” course, a three-part dish…

KajitsuBuckwheat Risotto with Porcini Mushrooms, Mitsuba, and Cayenne Pepper.

KajitsuPanko Fried Zucchini Blossom Stuffed with Corn and Satoimo Yam, Zucchini, Orange-Tomato Paste and Pink Pepper….

Kajitsu…here’s the interior of the zucchini blossom – you can see the corn and yam. Beautiful, right?

Kajitsu…and an Array of Seasonal Fruit…figs, grapes, melon, yuzu…everything was perfectly cut and picturesque!

KajitsuSpaghetti Squash Stuffed with Chilled Summer Vegetable Soup Served over Mixed Tempura. The tempura included Eggplant, Burdock, and Shishito Peppers. The soup was composed of Okra, Nameko Mushrooms, Carrots, Purple Cauliflower, Baby Corn and Celery.

KajitsuHere’s a better look at the spaghetti squash :)

KajitsuThe whole squash was presented at the table, and we were free to help ourselves to more of the “soup.”

KajitsuSauteed Asparagus Rice served with…

KajitsuAonori Sauce

Kajitsu…and Ginger Sesame House-Made Pickles.

KajitsuFresh Peach Mochi…the filling was a mixture of sweetened white bean paste and diceds

KajitsuMatcha Tea served with…

KajitsuCandies by Kyoto Kagizen-Yoshifusa. Melt-in-your-mouth sugar nibbles, more for appearance sake than taste. I always forget how caffeinated matcha tea is – I drank most of it and could not fall asleep the entire evening. Needless to say, I was exhausted this morning! Next time, will make sure to regulate :)

All in all a wonderful meal, though at this price range, I personally prefer Kyo-Ya, just two blocks down. Will make sure to put up my Kyo-Ya post soon! :)

KajitsuP.S. Their water glasses are exquisite (imported from Japan, of course ;). Kajitsu is the only restaurant in NYC to use these glasses…certainly the lightest I’ve ever held!

414 East 9th Street
New York, NY 10009
(212) 228-4873

NYC: Union Square Greenmarket – Monday Supper

To the market, to the market, the Union Square Greenmarket to be exact! Picked up a few seasonal treats today and cooked a swell summer supper for Monsieur P and I :)

Union Square Greenmarket1. Squash Blossoms.
Wash and pat dry. Local goat cheese + basil chiffonade + sea salt -> mix all together with a bit of olive oil. Stuff the squash blossoms. Be gentle, they break easy! Bake 20 minutes at 350F. Absolutely gorgeous. Next time, will deep fry them, hehe.

2. Basil.
…to make pesto! This huge bunch was only $2.25 today! Pine nuts, olive oil, Parmigiano-Reggiano, garlic, and salt to taste. Food processor, done in five minutes. As easy as that. I diced and roasted Yukon Gold potatoes in the oven, and tossed the potatoes with a generous helping of the fresh pesto. It served as the “carb” for our dinner :)

Union Square Greenmarket3. Fairytale Eggplant.
…as cute as the name would lead you to believe. Pricey – they were $8/pound at the Greenmarket today. Slice each eggplant in half lengthwise. Mince garlic. Heat olive oil in pan, brown garlic. Add eggplant. Saute 2-minutes till cooked. Splash in aged balsamic vinegar, deglaze pan. Eat!

Hope you are having a great start to the week :)

North Fork, Long Island: A Day at Wickham’s Fruit Farm, Satur Farms and Paumanok Vineyard with Fresh Direct

Paumanok Vineyard (North Fork, Long Island)Shall we start with the end? This is lunch. And man, was it fantastic.

Paumanok Vineyard (North Fork, Long Island)Last Friday, Fresh Direct invited me out for a day in North Fork, Long Island to tour two farms and a winery that’s part of their recently expanded local market. The idea behind the market is to get seasonal and local produce from the farm to (your!) table in 48 hours.

Paumanok Vineyard (North Fork, Long Island)We started off at Wickham’s Fruit Farm then moved on to Satur Farms and concluded the day at Paumanok Vineyard where Eberhard Muller of Satur Farms cooked the most wonderful lunch paired with wines from Paumanok.

Paumanok Vineyard (North Fork, Long Island)There was sea bass and roasted carrots, a two string bean salad, beets and sherry vinegar, potatoes, and a cauliflower salad. Everything minus the sea bass was from Satur Farms. I can’t remember the last time I ate this well! And by “well” I mean nutritionally “well” in addition to deliciously “well.” I always get the delicious part down…it’s just the nutrition part that I’m not so hot with ;)

Paumanok Vineyard (North Fork, Long Island)For dessert we feasted on buttery shortbread cookies and a stone fruit soup dotted with fresh red currants.

Paumanok Vineyard (North Fork, Long Island)The real standout of the meal? These POTATOES! Eberhard explained that they were just Yukon Gold potatoes from their farm. Boiled in salted water, diced, a little olive oil. AND THAT’S IT. But why so insanely delicious, I asked. He paused for a minute and then stared me in the eye. His reply (accompanied by a mischievous smile), “I dug them from the ground just two hours ago.

Paumanok Vineyard (North Fork, Long Island)Paulette Satur and Eberhard Muller of Satur Farms

Oh man. that was the only minute in my life where the idea of becoming a farmer flashed through my brain…I could have potatoes like this every single day of my life!! I practically wiped out half this tray on my own, second, and third servings, oh yes.

Wickham's Fruit Farm (North Fork, Long Island)Now we can go back to the beginning. We arrived in North Fork around 11am, after a 2.5 hour ride from Manhattan. Wickham’s Fruit Farm was our first stop. Can you believe that’s asparagus growing in the photo right above?

We drove around the entire farm with Tom Wickham who gave us a remarkable tour. The farm has been around for many generations and over 300 years! We saw everything from dwarf apple trees to Asian pears, honey, and apricots.

Wickham's Fruit Farm (North Fork, Long Island)We stopped by the blueberry bushes…

Wickham's Fruit Farm (North Fork, Long Island)…to pick a snack ;)

Wickham's Fruit Farm (North Fork, Long Island)And ate tomatoes fresh off the vine. We picked them ourselves! hehe.

Wickham's Fruit Farm (North Fork, Long Island)More tomatoes…

Wickham's Fruit Farm (North Fork, Long Island)…I’d be glad to spend the whole day in here, picking one after another. Oh goodness, if only I had a fresh ball of burrata by my side!

Wickham's Fruit Farm (North Fork, Long Island)Before leaving the Farm we stopped at the fruit stand to oogle the berries, and basil, the apricots and tomatoes, the honey and pies…

Wickham's Fruit Farm (North Fork, Long Island)…and doughnuts, oh my!

Satur Farms (North Fork, Long Island)Next stop, Satur Farms!

Satur Farms (North Fork, Long Island)Paulette Satur (she and her husband Eberhard Muller started Satur Farms together) took us around the farm and we were able to see everything from the planting of the soon to be vegetables to the chilled packing rooms.

Satur Farms (North Fork, Long Island)Check out the carrots…and the SIZE OF THOSE LEEKS!

Satur Farms (North Fork, Long Island)Almost makes you reconsider the city, huh? ^_^

Then, off to lunch at Paumanok Vineyard! Wine, sun, fresh foods, and a break from the city…there’s little more to ask for :)

Paumanok Vineyard
1074 Main Road
Aquebogue, NY 11931
(631) 722-8800

Satur Farms
3705 Alvahs Lane
Cutchogue, NY 11935
(631) 734-4219

Wickham’s Fruit Farm
28700 Main Road
Cutchogue, NY 11935