Sakura Tea + Cheese…Then Off to Washington DC

To drink: one teapot of Sakura 2011 by Mariage Frères. This one is part of their 2011 collection, a bright green tea with dried cherry blossoms, so delicate, so light!

Here’s a closer look at the tea leaves. And the packaging! Seriously, Mariage Frères always wins for best packaging and overall company vision.

To eat: mini toast cuts stuffed with Cremeux de Bourgogne. All I seem to crave these days is steak and triple cream cheeses (not together of course). Found this Cremeux de Bourgogne from Burgundy at Murray’s Cheese yesterday, it’s positively lush, slightly fluffy in the center, but pornographically runny right beneath the rind. More Cremeux de Bourgogne on the side and whole grain mustard. A little goûter

…and then Pierre and I are off to Washington DC for the weekend! After I set up our new Greenmarket basil plants, that is ;) So many herb options I decided to pick based off appearance alone. Fingers crossed we catch the end of cherry blossom season in DC. Thanks to all who gave eating recommendations for the weekend. Will report back!

Sugar Rush’ed…

…for the week at Serious Eats New York.

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Sugar Rush: Chocolate Twigs by Mademoiselle de Margaux

And There We Go! Let Love Bloom by Tay Tea.

Yesterday’s flower craft/display tea by Tay Tea, hot water, and a wineglass.

One of the most visually appealing drinks you could have on a rainy New York City morning. Breakfast! Espresso for Pierre. Some things you cannot change ;) Baguette heel, butter and raspberry jam. Music playing softly in the other room. Getting ready, getting dressed. Tea makes the morning serene.

One minute…

Two minutes…

Three minutes…

….ahhhhh. The leaves used to make this (and all other quality flower craft teas) are of the non-bitter sort so you can continue steeping it over and over again. Sometimes I even manage to make single flower craft tea last the entire day. You can tell the quality of the craft tea based on the bitter/non-bitter factor and how well the flower holds together after multiple steepings. The idea is that you don’t have to worry about floating leaves because the flower should keep it’s shape (and thus the leaves) together. I usually get mine from Tay Tea, Cha An, or In Pursuit of Tea. Beware cheap teas! You really get what you pay for when it comes to flower craft teas.

Let Love Bloom

Just need to find the ideal glass teapot or wine glass to let this display tea by Tay Tea blossom. It’s called “Let Love Bloom” – pretty, the name alone makes me happy. Am tempted to save it for a special occasion, perhaps tea with friends or a dinner party. But yesterday a little birdie told me that every day ought to be a special occasion.

Time to heed good advice!

1 Cup of Perfect Tea

Totally unnecessary. But easy on the eyes.

If tea is not about indulging whimsy and pleasure, then what is?

I bought my spoon at Harney & Sons in Soho, but search for “1 cup of perfect tea” and you’ll find it all over the internet.

[Note: this spoon measurement is for black tea so adjust accordingly with different teas.]