The Blooming Flower Craft Tea at Cha-An

The Flower Craft: definitely a Friday afternoon sort of tea. I’m at Cha-An in the East Village today. Meetings done for the day, not quite yet time for dinner. An hour of pure relaxation? Count me in.

How Cha-An manages to be busy all day, everyday amazes me. The lovely part is that no matter how full the tearoom, people speak softly here so it’s always peaceful. The serene setting has a clear effect…sometimes I even find myself whispering at Cha-An.

It’s $9 a pot for the Flower Craft Tea. I love this tea for the show as much as the taste. Green tea leaves are tied tightly together with a bright flower tucked in the center. Put one (or two!) pieces in glass pot, pour hot water and watch it bloom. It’s a pretty sight, sure to make you smile. For dinner parties we put the flower tea in a wineglass and serve it that way. It’s certainly a tea to show-off and is also known as a “display tea.” They’re fairly pricey when bought retail, I’ve paid up to $7 for a single flower, so Cha-An’s price of $9 for a pot with two flowers is actually a pretty good deal.

Hope the week is going well for everyone. Friday is here! Finally! Looking forward to a weekend of catching up with old friends and good food ^_^

Cha An
230 East 9th Street
New York, 10003
(212) 228-8030

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  • anonymous
    April 9, 2011

    I've only been to Cha-An once for the Sunday lunch set. Pity that we cannot select the type of dessert we want. Chef's choice. I should go back for the tea before the weather truly warms up. I like to sit outside when the sun is out. :) Have a 'artful' tonight at WHW :)I'm also looking forward to brunching with mom tomorrow.

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