Beijing/NYC: Tranquil Tuesdays

Before I left for China last month, Don put me in touch with Charlene, his high school friend who recently started her own tea brand in Beijing. Charlene is the founder/owner of Tranquil Tuesdays – a tea company with a mission to promote women’s empowerment though “distractingly good teas.” And that they are.

What an opportunity. I find vacations most rewarding when you have local friends or a purpose to visit aside from simply sightseeing. So one weekday afternoon I headed down Fangjia Hutong to Tranquil Tuesdays showroom. We sat down for a truly exquisite tea tasting and equally great conversation to match.

Charlene currently offers five different types of tea, all personally sourced from different regions throughout China.

White Peony White Tea (白牡丹白茶)
Organic Jade Sword Green Tea (有机毛尖绿茶)
Iron Goddess of Mercy Oolong Tea (铁观音乌龙茶)
Qimen (Keemun) Black Tea (祁门红茶)
Organic Ancient Tree Raw Pu’er (有机古树生普洱茶)

No detail is spared, down to the teaware collection. She currently works with three emerging porcelain artists in Jingdezhen to create exclusive pieces for Tranquil Tuesdays. Think hand painted blue and white “fluttering” leaves (pictured above), celadon, and crystalline white glaze teaware.

Not heading to Beijing anytime soon? No worries. Charlene’s coming to NYC and will be at Dekalb Market the weekend of August 20th to 21st! The world is small indeed.

    July 21, 2011


  • anonymous
    August 19, 2011

    Looks like you had a great trip. I did not know about the Dekalb market in NYC.

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