15 Hours in Louisville, Kentucky

In and out in less than a day.

Landed in Louisville, Kentucky (my first visit!) at 2am. A 15 minute drive to 21c Museum Hotel
…literally a museum and hotel all in one…
…with an extra dose of hipster. Copies of Edible Louisville on the desk, TCHO chocolate in bed and MALIN+GOETZ bath products. Am obsessed with hotel bath products (not to mention hotels in general)…and pretty sure I’m not the only one ;)
Early morning wake up! Proof on Main is downstairs and breakfast starts at 7am.
Eggs Benedict and a cider and blueberry smoothie for the ride.
It’s a 1.5 hour drive to Loretto, Kentucky (population: 450), home of Maker’s Mark Distillery. Here to do some research for an article. Huge kudos to my driver from Mint Julep Tours who was extraordinarily kind and knowledgeable. If anyone is visiting Kentucky and needs a driver/guide, email me and I’ll gladly share his information.

Three hours later and then it’s back to NYC.

Four Seasons Thailand: Tented Camp Golden Triangle

One can dream right?

The Four Seasons: Tented Camp Golden Triangle has been on my must-visit list since they first opened.

I’ll get there eventually, but till then…this wakes all the wanderlust inside me.

How dreamy would it be to spend a week (or two) in these tents, in the middle of Chiang Rai. It’s like camping…but with all the luxuries of staying at a Four Seasons. There’s only 14 tents/rooms in the entire property and a staff of 100+. Oh man.

Elephants, hand-hammered copper bathtubs, open air spas in the bamboo forest and it’s only 30-minutes away from Burma. One day, one day.

[all photos from the Four Seasons]

Aruba: Balashi, Madame Janette, and Local Supermarkets

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A few more Aruba scenes before heading back to NYC (where it is 40F!)

A view of the beach from the catamaran.

Visiting a Dutch supermarket. Just a 10-minute cab ride from the hotel, $15 flat fare each way. Stocked up on stroopwafels, cheese and the rather addictive Hagelslag, aka dark chocolate sprinkles (to top buttered toast). I’d love to learn the local language of Papiamento one day…so much more to explore.

Aruba Riba is the local cocktail, potent and an alarming shade of red. If I’m not mistaken it has a splash of every possible liquor on the shelf! But it was the local beer – Balashi, that I found myself drinking every afternoon.

Dinner at Madame Janette where they specialize in beautiful Argentine cuts of beef. Feeling extra decadent, had tenderloin done black and blue, then topped with mashed potatoes, mushrooms, fried onions. And a glass of Malbec.

Afternoon on the catamaran, snorkeling off the coast of the island. We spotted the MS Antilla shipwreck (from WWII, 1939)! The ship was only 20 feet deep at it’s highest point, though I didn’t go that far down. Sailing back as the sun set, followed by…

…dinner on the beach, barefoot.

Aruba: Sunscreen, Pomegranates, Herbals Teas, and Cactus

Sunscreen is key in Aruba. Face, arms, legs, leave nothing untouched. Sunglasses and big hats. I’ve gone though half a bottle of 55SPF in no time, so far so good. No lobster-face yet. Am here for work and loving the 85F weather, effortlessly casual atmosphere and abundance of local seafood. A few photos from the last two days…

Staying at the Hyatt Regency Aruba, how could you not smile with a view like this?

Eating and drinking in bed is a major guilty pleasure. Iced tea with local pomegranates on a hot afternoon, a pile of books and magazines on the side. I always leave the balcony doors wide open when at beach resorts, no need for air conditioning.

Took a super bumpy off-road Jeep ride around the island. Aruba is not a tropical island, but a dessert island…arid weather and cacti everywhere you look.

A tasting of eight different teas at the Hyatt – all the blended teas are customized by a local herbalist in Aruba.

Natural rock formations. This looks like something straight out of a sci-fi movie.

A huge ‘thank you’ Rocky for this photo. Hope everyone has a good weekend ^_^

Off to Aruba

Tea is always the last thing I drink before flying. It’s warm, incredibly soothing, and makes me feel organized and put together. What more can you ask for? So. One pot of peppermint tea at Lincoln (can’t get over the shape of that beautiful teapot) and then it’s time for Aruba. Feels like I <a href="http://static.squarespace.com/static/51895797e4b07dc9727307ce/518957d3e4b04dec96da1667/51895806e4b04dec96da1c6c/1331801082000/#img no complaints. ^_^ Just a short 4.5 hour flight. Can't wait, it is my very first visit to the island!