NYC: Afternoon Tea at the Crosby Street Hotel

We were walking in Soho this afternoon, 85F and any restaurant with outdoor seating was full. Beyond full. Packed. Summer skirts and sandals, hat and sunglasses. Pierre loves sitting outside but I never understood the appeal. Especially in the city. People on the street, the crowds, the sun, the heat. Take me inside any day. Plush seats, air conditioning, and no uncontrollable outdoor elements. 

We usually compromise. Outside one week, inside another. Today was my week. So in the Crosby Street Hotel we went. Afternoon tea is $34 a person, and I’d pay twice that to just lounge in the air conditioned lobby all afternoon. This isn’t the best afternoon tea in the city but there aren’t many options in Soho.

Fingers crossed LadurĂ©e opens downtown soon.  I rotate between Crosby Street Hotel and Harney & Sons (Harney doesn’t offer traditional afternoon tea, but you can order everything a la carte). Harney also happens to supply the tea used at Crosby.

The sandwiches are somewhat careless…compare with these super precise ones from Bosie Tea Parlor. Tea sandwiches are much more difficult to make than you’d imagine (I’ll go into details on another post ;) Four types:
 – cucumber and butter
 – egg salad
 – dill and smoked salmon
 – roast beef with horseradish

Two scones a person, one plain and one scented with lemon zest. They come warm on the platter (though should not be served on the same tier as the sandwiches). Strawberry preserves, orange marmalade, and of course, clotted cream.

Sweets to finish. The size of these desserts go against idea that afternoon tea is refined and dainty, but I confess to eating every crumb. And then ordering ginger tea because after all that sugar you’ll need at least another pot of tea to wash it all down.

Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend ^_^

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  • anonymous
    June 18, 2012

    Forget the heat and the crowd, al fresco dining in the city is somewhat gross. Imagine the fume of exhaust hovering over your table while you take a bite of that scone, yum~~A big no-no for me.–Bob

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