Snapshots from Cannes and St. Paul de Vence

Let’s go back soon, ok?

Yes. Let’s

I mean, only when we’re not drinking rosé. 

And so that we can walk to Jean-Luc Pelé every afternoon…

…for this crème brûlée, intoxicating and rich, each spoonful speckled with vanilla beans. I swear there was a layer of smoky caramel tucked between the sugar shell and custard.

I miss breakfast at Lenôtre. Eating at the outside café was nice, but I liked sneaking their pastries into that Italian café next to La Maison du Chocolat….

….or taking it home to the terrace where we could fix our own café

Brioche a Menton, s’il vous plaît. Swirled with frangipane and candied oranges.

Chausson aux Pommes! 

And this Kugelhopf that was definitely more of a dessert than breakfast. You’d think someone would have invented a way for humans to teleport by now right? We could go to Cannes every other weekend! 

You can come too :)

Because we have to return Il Viaggio on Rue d’Oran for the fresh pastas…

…and hunks of parmesan. Just beware of the crazy pigeons.

At night, Park 45 is fun but a little too noisy for me. I prefer L’Affable. For many reasons. We can start with this foie gras…

…or we can skip past this lamb and sea bream and go right to dessert with the famous Grand Marnier soufflé. So high, so high! And yet so light. We couldn’t stop talking about this one, even when we were back in Paris.

Come to think of it, we couldn’t stop talking about the tiramisu layered with strawberries either. Madelines with the check.

And imagine all the day trips we could do if we stayed a week or two.

St. Paul de Vence was so much fun.

Watching Pétanque players from our café seats. Can you spot all three generation?

Late afternoon in the village.