NYC | Isola at the Mondrian SoHo

Lunch at Isola today. Does this dining room at the Mondrian SoHo ?

It should. This space was previously home to Imperial No. 9. They replaced the restaurant, but preserved the design. A with all those chandeliers. The entrance was also extended out so now you can enter directly from Crosby Street.

Ready to order.

Burrata pizza! With roasted tomatoes, caramelized onions, and squash blossom pesto. Housemade chili oil on the side. Drizzle over the top and pour extra to dip the crust. To share, hamachi crudo with salsa verde and shallots.

It feels like we are on vacation :)

Don’t skip dessert.

Chocolate chip cookies are not officially on the menu, but all you have to do is ask. I wrote about them on Serious Eats, and they are fantastic. Served straight from the oven with two glasses of cold milk. And since it’s Friday, add in the deconstructed tartufo. Warm brownie with hazelnut gelato and a crown of salted caramel cream (my favorite part). Hot fudge rings and feuilletine to finish.

Then it’s off, back into the world.

You’ll pass through this open area on your way out. There’s a swinging porch set off to the side that seats two perfectly. Let’s come back one fall afternoon with a book.

NYC | Afternoon Tea at the St. Regis

Ready for afternoon tea?

It’s one of my favorite things to do.

We’re at the St. Regis New York and it’s 3pm. The hotel entrance is on 55th Street, but once you step inside, it’s a completely different world.

There’s a harpist that plays in the afternoon (3-5pm, Wed-Sun), and the dining room is always just busy enough.

I’m often surprised by the number of solo-afternoon tea diners…and most of them are male! Who said afternoon tea was a ladies-only thing? Certainly not in NYC.

Drinking Osmanthus Oolong. The tea supplier for St. Regis is a Canadian company called tealeaves and you can find the same oolong online.

Love the details. The honey and sugar, the cream, the lemon presented in two forms. Simply sliced, or halved and tied up all pretty with cheesecloth. All the things that we never think to do for ourselves at home.

Now on to sandwiches!

From top to bottom:
 – Peppered pastrami, horseradish, cornichons, rye
 – Cured salmon, herbed lemon butter, pumpernickel
 – Chopped egg, mustard aioli, kalamata
 – English cucumber, minted dill cream, brioche
 – Roasted chicken, lemon, thyme, sourdough

Instead of doing the putting everything on three tiers (which is the “traditional” way), sandwiches come first on their own dish. They’re removed after you finish, and then the scones/sweets come out on tiers. God forbid you eat cold scones.

Let’s take a closer look at each tier.

Fruit tart on a sablé base and their signature gâteau de voyage. The gâteau is an extra dark chocolate cake-brownie with chocolate glaze and vanilla bean buttercream.

Financiers and raspberries on shortbread (with a matching jam).

Lift the dome and ta-dah. Warm buttermilk scones in plain and currant.

Double Devonshire cream, red fruits preserves, and lemon curd.

A little of everything!

NYC | The Pierre | The Hutton Suite

Might you want to take a peek…

…inside the suite? I am in love!

We’re at The Pierre and this is The Hutton Suite.

There are 49 suites at the hotel. 11 are grand suites, each with a unique design. This one is named after Barbara Hutton* who used it as her pied-a-terre for five decades. I’d be happy to have this even as my primary residence ;) Her uncle is the industrialist E.F. Hutton and he financed the hotel with Charles Pierre back in the 1930s.

What do you love most?

The curved walls that make this feel more like a home than a hotel room?

The perfect little kitchenette off to the side of foyer? Fresh flowers in every room? The Turkish marble bathroom? Or…

…a cocktail and warm towels upon arrival? It’s part of The Pierre’s new Taj Royal Attaché offered to guests staying in the suites. Sign me up!

The service includes a number of other treats like this chocolate creation. Brushed in gold!

Since we cannot offer a view of the Empire State Building, we will bring you the entire building. In dark chocolate, of course.

They’ll unpack and pack your bags. And welcome you with a warm ritual bath.

Think bubbles scented with essential oils (the exact scents tailored to your liking), fresh rose petals, Molton Brown bath products, and candles. Candles are a must.

If I never come home…

…you’ll find me right here…

…typing away in the living room.

*Barbara was the daughter of Edna Woolworth who you might  at the Woolworth Mansion.

NYC | Uni To-Go

Sometimes you need uni-on-the-go.

Maki rolls from The Lobster Place. They have pre-made rolls, but ask for a fresh one made on the spot. And if you need a whole tray of uni, you can also buy that here. It’s not advertised, but ask nicely and they’ll pull it out from behind the counter. $60/tray for Santa Barbara uni. Nicer that the , but also nearly three times the price. Save that for when you want to eat uni straight sashimi-style.