Honolulu | Afternoon Tea at Mariposa, Neiman Marcus

Mariposa inside Neiman Marcus offers afternoon tea every Sunday…

…but for the month of December they’re doing a Winter Afternoon Tea.

[Note: If you’re going to do one afternoon tea in Honolulu, visit Halekulani. Those are the two best afternoon teas on the island, no competition.]

Monkey bread and whipped strawberry butter to begin. Sadly this was the best part of the tea service (the monkey bread is also served at dinner).

They use Dammann Frères, loose leaf. But what’s up with the clear glass cups? There should be tea cups! I went with Kelly and Noelle, and we sipped: Chinese Jasmine Silver Sickle (pictured above), Jardin Bleu, and the English Black Tea.

Here comes the food! This has disaster written all over it.

Sloppy sandwiches you could easily make at home. These were dry, and cut too long which makes eating very awkward. We got two each of Chive & Egg Salad on white…

…and Roasted Turkey with pesto mayonnaise on wheat. The menu said egg salad comes on wheat and turkey on white, there must have been a mixup in the kitchen.

The Smoked Salmon with herbed crème fraîche (the menu said cream cheese) was the least offensive of the three.

On to the sweets!

They didn’t serve scones so you can’t call this an actual afternoon tea. Instead we had a chocolate-dipped strawberry, vanilla cake with strawberry frosting…

…and macarons. I got chocolate, Kelly and Noelle had vanilla and strawberry.

At least they look pretty.

The worst part is that they’re fully capable of doing better. The restaurant is gorgeous, and an ideal setting for afternoon tea in Hawai’i. They could have even brought sweets up from Espresso Bar on the 1st floor. I love the Mariposa for lunch (especially those popovers) and cocktails on the terrace, but surely not for tea.

  • anonymous
    December 30, 2012

    You had me at "monkey bread and whipped strawberry butter"… I only wish the rest of the meal had been better for you. Happy New Year, Kathy! xo

  • Kathy YL Chan
    December 30, 2012

    Hi Amy! The monkey bread + strawberry butter = perfect combination. Happy New Years!! :D

  • anonymous
    January 9, 2013

    Mariposa is very hit or miss, in my opinion. We had the lobster club sandwich on one visit, and it was expensive but delicious. Six months later we were back, and it was still expensive but awful – cold, chewy bacon, stale bread and flavorless. Very disappointing. I also stopped going there for dinner because that is really expensive and inconsistent.

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