NYC | Black Forest Baked Alaska at DBGB

I wrote about this

Baked Alaska

on Serious Eats today. It’s from pastry chef Myriam Eberhardt at DBGB and it’s a

black forest

baked alaska. How cool is that?

She changes the flavors with the season. When they

first opened

, the baked alaska featured a vanilla, raspberry and verbena ice cream combo, flambéed with chartreuse.

But I like this version more.

Base: Almond sponge cake soaked in housemade cherry syrup

Layers: Vanilla ice cream, sour cherry sorbet, chocolate ice cream

Meringue top: Italian meringue

Flambé liquor: Kirsch…flambéed table-side, of course.

Each order serves two, though it also splits nicely as four…in which case you should add a sundae or grand mariner soufflé to make sure everyone gets enough dessert ^_^

NYC | Blueberry Pancakes with Sarabeth’s Tribeca

Did you know it’s National Blueberry Pancake Day?

Neither did I, until Sarabeth’s and Driscoll’s invited us for breakfast. A pretty nice start to Monday morning (especially when it’s snowing out). Hot tea…

…and deep bowls of fresh berries.

Mini-pastries for the table. These came with a whole parade of marmalades and preserves. I ate a little scone, then a bran muffin, and then a blueberry muffin. And then I said,


! Must save room for…

…blueberry pancakes. Fat and fluffy, dotted in berries. Four to an order with…

…enough maple syrup and whipped butter for weeks.

Savory sides (this was my favorite part of breakfast) to accompany. Home fries, applewood smoked bacon, and housemade chicken-apple sausages. The sausages were served atop

blood orange marmalade

…now that was a killer combination.

Honolulu | Breakfast at Town

Hope you guys don’t mind the back and forth between Hawai’i and NYC posts. I’ll be returning to Hawai’i again in the spring, this time for an extended stay…

But until then, breakfast at 

To drink, lemonade with parsley juice…

…and local soda from Wailua Soda Works (this is the lilikoi soda).

Kelly had fried rice with scrambled eggs…

…while Steph and Shann ordered rice, eggs, and opah.

Pierre and I split the 

plenty of bacon.

And a plate of rice, eggs, and portuguese sausage. Doesn’t get more local than this.

After breakfast we met Ligaya, Ahrin, and Calla for lunch at the Outrigger. I’m still dreaming (and I’m not the only one) about this carrot cake that came in the bread basket. Super fluffy with plenty of grated carrots, raisins, and crushed walnuts.

NYC | A New Afternoon Tea at The Pierre Hotel

The Pierre Hotel is launching a new afternoon tea tomorrow. Hooray!

Afternoon tea options in NYC are limited, so it’s a thrill to have something new in the mix. This tea will be offered 3-5pm each Sunday until April 28th. On all other days they’ll serve the traditional afternoon tea.

Want to see a little preview?

Here’s a look at the menu.

The Marie Antoinette Tea ($95) comes with unlimited Piper-Heidsieck Brut Cuvee while the King Louis XVI Tea ($195) comes with unlimited Piper-Heidsieck Rare 1998. You get the same type of sweets and savories with both teas.

Tea is served loose-leaf and they have a wide selection. I often order the house chai…

…but my favorite drink at The Pierre is an off-menu blend called Warm Sunrise. This is the story behind the drink. A blend of chamomile, fresh orange and lemon, cinnamon sticks, and honey. Perfect for this freezing weather (and sore throats).

Let’s get started with savory bites.

Smoked trout and gruyère mini quiches.

Warm gougères with a filling of red endives.

Smoked salmon tulip atop crème fraîche whipped with orange and dill on rye.

Vol-au-vents filled with wild mushrooms and truffles.

And then to the sweets!

Silky dark chocolate finger truffles.

White chocolate champagne truffles.

Chocolate-dipped strawberries.

And an assortment of strawberry and caramel macarons.

P.S. Look at the snow outside the hotel. The first of 2013 and extra glittery ^_^