NYC | Afternoon Tea at Washington Square Hotel

Now here’s an interesting afternoon tea spot. Enter the Washington Square Hotel and go straight back to the lobby bar. It’s called the Deco Room and afternoon tea is $20…for two people. Crazy right? It’s so different from traditional afternoon tea (no scones) but worth visiting if you’re looking for a quiet and secluded tea place. I joined Jee for tea the other afternoon (good to see you :). 

Loose leaf…they don’t mention the purveyor, but the tea selection reads like it’s from SerendipiTea. Bancha for Jee and the Colonille (Vietnamese black tea with vanilla) for myself.

Three tiers, we’ll work bottom-up. First, smoked turkey panini with arugula. It’s like a mini-lunch. Surprsingly satisfying with melted cheddar, roasted peppers, and walnut pesto generously smothered on both slices of bread. Going to recreate this at home.

Cheese course in places of scones… 

…and a seemingly random selection of sweets including grilled cornbread, berry-topped lemon curd tarts, macaroons, cornmeal and poppyseed cookies. Such a curious spot. Save for a woman at the bar, we were the only guests there the entire afternoon. It feels like a forgotten place…and I kind of like that. Bonus points to our very thoughtful waiter ^_^

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