Taipei | Afternoon Tea at Cha Cha Thé

In May we took a look at teas and sweets from Cha Cha Thé.  I couldn’t get enough. The packaging is exquisite…it’s like the Mariage Frères of Asia. But even better. I said, let’s go to Taipei one day! And here we are. 

Cha Cha Thé has several locations in Taipei but you want to visit the flagship at Daan District.

It’s the only location where they serve afternoon tea (and a whole menu of savory dishes).

It’s so serene inside, a lovely spot to spend the afternoon. Look carefully at the walls…they are lined in bricks of tea.

The tea set comes with your choice of tea. I went with Wenshan Pouchong (文山包种茶) – an oolong that drinks almost like green tea because of low oxidation levels (only 15%, other oolongs can go up to 85%).  

Ready to check out the tea set? It’s all sweets ^_^

Dark chocolate ganache and cheesecake with fresh mangoes and mango sauce. 

Olive oil cake with blueberries and a doughnut (which totally looks like choux pastry) with vanilla bean cream, mango, and kiwi.

Fresh orange tarts and pineapple cake. 

Matcha macarons and an excellent black rice tart, scented with vanilla and flecked in gold.

Do note, all the teaware is available to purchase in the shop.

Tempting, tempting…


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