Taipei | One Afternoon in Maokong

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A bit touristy, but still fun especially if you’re into tea house culture.

It’s just a 30-minute drive from the center of town…

…and then up you go via gondolas until you arrive high in the mountains.

Here there are dozens of tea houses it’s hard to decide just which one to enter…

…so we wound up at Yaoyue Teahouse which was suggested by a friend. FYI, this particular one is open 24 hours!

We settled into this cozy table (do not forget mosquito repellent)…

…and selected a Jin Xuan and Wenshan Baozhong to share.

We also ordered the Yao Yue Snow Tea which comes from the owner’s own tea garden. He ferments but doesn’t roast these tie guan yin leaves…

…take a closer look.

And then the owner broke out his personal stash of pu’erhs to share. So kind ^_^

We tasted steep after steep…

…with little bites of red bean pancakes (and sweet potato ones, too!)…

…followed by oolong-infused dumplings.

Couldn’t imagine a nicer way to spend Wednesday afternoon.

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