Taiwan | Afternoon Tea at W Taipei

Playful and bold. This is afternoon tea at W Taipei.

Does the structure look familiar? It should! Think Taipei 101 (of which you have a nice view at this table).

Love a tea menu that offers not just “oolong” (like having a wine list that offers “red wine” as a drink) but specifies which type of oolong. Drinking tieguanyin ^_^

W Taipei serves two types of afternoon tea. One is a western style version at the kitchen table. And the other with an Asian twist is at YEN Bar. I opted for the latter…but that just means we’ll have to make a return trip to Taiwan for afternoon tea at the kitchen table.

Let’s begin at the bottom tier. Flaky, fragrant rose and osmanthus pastries stuffed with minced chicken, oyster and morel mushrooms. Toasted pumpkin seeds to top.

A sweet of stewed white fungus with lotus seeds and goji berries.

Pan-fried scallion pastries with bamboo shoots, black fungus, mushrooms, and a heady Long Jing tea dressing.

Pork, prawns, and dried radishes wrapped in purple sweet potato dumpling skin…

…and prawns, amaranth greens, fish, and water chestnuts. The skin? Matcha!

Sea cucumbers and garoupa mousse in a pumpkin dumpling.

The afternoon tea set also includes a dessert buffet with housemade breads and pastries (the squeeze bottles are filled with everything from dark chocolate to hazelnut spreads)….

…whimsical matcha and raspberry guimauves….

…and delicate meringue slices.

Finish up at the DIY dessert bar…and don’t forget about that dong ding oolong gin fizz :)

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