Afternoon Tea | Four Seasons Lana’i, The Lodge at Koele

Afternoon tea at the Four Seasons Lodge? Don’t mind if we do.

It was cold and foggy our first day in Lana’i. The perfect excuse to spend the day indoors, warming up with hot chocolate (and toddies!) by the fireplace, watching movies in our room and of course, taking afternoon tea.

Tea is served in the Bar Room…

…and the Great Hall.

We opted to sit in the bar room which was more cozy.

Three types of afternoon tea:


– The classic afternoon tea. For the winter season the traditional tea was given a definite holiday twist (menu pictured above).

Peter Rabbit Tea

– Designed for children. Menu includes items like mini grilled cheese, pb&j, and cupcakes. Warm apple cider to drink.

Golfers Tea

– Many guests visit FS Lanai for golfing so it only makes sense that they would design a special tea service. Mini hot dogs and pulled pork sliders. Mini apple pies and jalapeƱo corn muffins.

Guess which tea company they use? Tealeaves. No surprise. Tealeaves dominates the luxury hotel industry. Their client list includes hotels such as Mexico City included), Oriental, and <a href=" I wish there was more variety in terms of brand representation. There are so many great tea companies out there ^_^

Shall we start with the sandwiches?

Smoked salmon and cream cheese. They tinted the salmon red for the holidays…

Caviar and lobster salad.

Turkey with cranberry chutney (there was also mustard and mayo in there).

Cucumber and cream cheese. Bonus points for: 1) cream cheese whipped super light, and 2) double layers instead of the more common single layer of cream cheese and cucumber between two pieces of bread.

Onto the scones! Two per person, both with cranberries. They came warm (slightly under-baked) and were perfectly serviceable…

…I was especially happy with the accompaniments. Top to bottom: Devonshire cream, housemade cranberry jam, and cinnamon whipped cream. They have different flavors for the “regular” tea (don’t forget, this was the holiday special).

After the scones I switched from the mango oolong tea to a hot tea toddy made from brandy, honey, and black tea. Looking forward to making my own version at home.

Chocolate dipped puff filled with chocolate pudding.

Carrot cake – my favorite of the brunch. Rough grated carrots, plenty of walnut and a whipped, smooth cream cheese frosting.

Chocolate in chocolate with whipped cream…

…and lilikoi tart.

A single raspberry macaron to finish. Look familiar? ^_^

  • Victoria
    January 21, 2013

    Cinnamon whipped cream sounds amazing… now if only there were a place in Boston that would serve that with scones…

  • Helena Hao Ding
    January 21, 2013

    Ha! Love the Tea setting in the Great Hall! Cucumber & cream cheese?! Dying for it! Just can't wait to go to Hawai'i!!:)

  • anonymous
    January 21, 2013

    About 15 years ago, afternoon tea was served every day, buffet style, just off the lobby. You could literally eat all you wanted! Ah, those were the days.

  • Iona
    January 1, 2016

    Good post. I’m experiencing some of these issues as well..

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