Ritz-Carlton Montréal

A quick look inside the newly renovated

Ritz-Carlton Montreal


The hotel was closed four years for a complete gut renovation.

It was the first ever (how cool is that?) Ritz-Carlton in the world.

Don’t get this confused with Ritz Paris, London, and Madrid which are not technically part of the Ritz-Carlton family.

In each room is a piece of original furniture from when the hotel opened in 1912. I had this pink chair and a lacquered desk in my room.

My favorite part of staying at a hotel is (don’t laugh!)…the bathrobe. At one point I collected hotel bathrobes but they took up too much closet space.

Here’s what to do: clear out your entire afternoon. Put on the kettle, set up the tea tray (they serve Kusmi). Then prepare a bubble bath, put on some music and relax.

After you dry off and put on that bathrobe, cozy here with the

Heated pool is on the roof…wish I brought my swimsuit.

But that just means more time for breakfast at

Maison Boulud

downstairs. Grapefruit juice and ham. Hot tea and fruit.

And don’t forget about

From the roof you can see the next-door 

Residences at The Ritz-Carlton Montreal

. 45 units in total, they’re still working on construction.

And just because.

Chocolate lions, an emblem of Ritz-Carlton. This little guy is 70% dark ^_^

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