Tea Tasting with Tea Wing

I recently did a tea tasting with Zach of Tea Wing.

(Can you spot the cat? ;)

Mare Gyokuro Hojicha

Zach sources all his teas (which are excellent!) straight from Japan…

Mare Gyokuro Hojicha

…in fact, he is there right now.

Kasumi Fukamushi Sencha

Follow along on his 2013 spring buying trip here

Kasumi Fukamushi Sencha

…each post is a wonder of information.

Soba Cha

Like this post on Shincha (新茶)…

Kabuse (shaded) Kukicha

…and a look at Tenju, the 2012 prize winning matcha from Uji.

Kabuse (shaded) Kukicha

He updates daily so stay tuned for posts involving a restaurant with an iced gyokuro tasting menu, tea auctions in Kyushu, and even tea harvesting in Yame.

Shuppin Gyokuro, Competition Winner

In the meantime…

Shuppin Gyokuro, Competition Winner

…I’ll be reliving the first sip of this heady and rich Shuppin Gyokuro.

P.S. His Kiwami Matcha is magical…look at the color!

We had it both thin…

…and thick. Ahhh ^_^

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  • anonymous
    May 6, 2013

    Oh wow, the tea ware is gorgeous. And of course the tea looks amazing.

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