Honolulu, Hawai’i | Orchids at Halekulani

Remember how I said there was more to come about desserts at the Halekulani?

Here it is! ^_^

I’ve mentioned the Coconut Cake (served at Orchids and House Without a Key) a few times in the past. It’s my favorite coconut cake in Honolulu and I make a point to eat it at least once when I’m back home. 

Orchids also does a number of other memorable desserts…check Serious Eats for the full post

There’s the Lychee and Strawberry Fraisier (with green tea sponge cake)…

…and a Lilikoi-Chocolate Bar.

The Chocolate Cream features dark chocolate brownies, whipped milk chocolate, and caramelized apple-bananas…

…and there’s a daily rotation of housemade sorbets and ice cream. I am partial to the calamasi and pineapple ^-^


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