Afternoon Tea | InterContinental Hong Kong

Another week, another afternoon tea ^_^

This time we’re at the InterContinental Hong Kong. They have one of the best afternoon tea services in the city. It’s served at The Lobby Lounge where you get amazing views of Victoria Harbour…

…alongside a selection of Mariage Frères and classic Chinese teas. 

The baskets of warm currant scones come with Devonshire cream, strawberry preserves, and earl grey tea jelly.

Tea jelly is starting to catch on in the US which is exciting. I stock up on Mariage Frères jelly when in Paris…but I should just make it at home. Can you imagine oolong jelly? Lapsang souchong jelly! Maybe even pu’erh jelly!

Each tea set comes with four sandwiches. Curried chicken and tomato on brioche…

…and a baby beet and crème fraîche tart.

Prosciutto and cheddar…

…and cucumber and smoked salmon on a sesame bun.

Halfway through service the waiter brings by a daily special. It’s a little “bonus” which ranges from smoothie to cake and custard. We got a frothy strawberry drink dotted with fruit and spices. Super refreshing. 

And then it is time for dessert. Lemon éclairs…

…and raspberry-coconut domes on graham cracker base.

Pistachio macarons..

…and a mille-feuille with vanila bean custard and jam-stuffed raspberries.

And finally, chocolate cake and caramel mousse. This is one of Chef Cyril Dupuis’ favorite dessert on the menu ^_^


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