Afternoon Tea | The Peninsula New York

The current afternoon tea at Peninsula New York

…is looking (and tasting!) pretty amazing. 

Let’s start with bubbles…

…and pots of tea. Darjeeling for me, and Jasmine for Jee

How perfect are these sandwiches?

Cucumber, cream cheese, and mint on whole wheat.

Egg salad on brioche.

Scottish smoked salmon and American caviar on pumpernickel.

Roast beef with horseradish cream on whole grain.

And a mini “bonus” sandwich in the center ^_^

Another cup…

…and then on to the scones!

Two each, super moist and delicate with lemon curd and Devonshire cream…

…and raspberry jam and apricot preserves.  

Pace yourself, because desserts are next!

There’s lemon-raspberry tarts topped with baby meringues.

A roasted hazelnut cake…

…and carrot cake-cream cheese sandwich. 

Dark chocolate sponge and the lightest mousse. Saved the best for last ^_^

P.S. Compare and contrast with afternoon tea at The Peninsula Chicago. Also can’t wait for The Peninsula Paris to open in August! I can only imagine what the tea service would be like…

Honolulu, Hawaii | MW Restaurant

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My favorite part of a meal at MW Restaurant is…

…dessert!!! I recently did a Serious Eats post on Michelle’s sweets. They’re magical. I worked for Michelle one summer (a decade ago) when she was pastry chef at Alan Wong’s. Now she co-owns MW with her husband, Wade Ueoka. 

She’s creating things like Coconut Four Ways with aerated coconut, coconut chiffon cake, kaffir-lime pudding, and haupia sorbet. Pictured at top is the Kula Strawberry Cheesecake….complete with li hing mui-stuffed strawberries!

Passion Orange Creamsicle Brûlée comes with orange kanten and tapioca.

There’s Banana Cream Pie in jar…

…and Mini Doughnuts, delicate with a warm chocolate sauce for dipping.

The MW Candy Bar is a signature dessert…

…and so are these tiny ice cream sandwiches. Michelle changes the flavor combos pretty often. Dad and I got dark chocolate cake with MW Candy Bar Ice Cream sandwiched in the middle. Super ono ^_^

And you can’t miss the savory food! Wade’s whipping up dishes like Ahi Poke Gyoza…

…pressed Jidori Fried Chicken with garlic shoyu…

…and a Caesar with pipikaula poke and anchovy-garlic dressing.

Check out these pickled beets with local Hawaii goat cheese…

…and Ho Farms Vegetable Poke. I love poke’ed everything!

The Mochi-Crusted Monchong is a must.

And dad destroyed this Kim Chee-Glazed Pork Chop. Fried rice tucked underneath o_O

NYC | Sunday Dinner

A good Sunday dinner…

…starts with roast chicken! Garlic, thyme, and olive oil under the skin. Salt and pepper on top. In the oven it goes…

…while cauliflower boils away on the stove.

Cauliflower mash! We added olive oil and salt, but next time we can try butter and roasted (or raw :) garlic.

Salad niçoise with extra anchovies and boiled eggs. Tomatoes, string beans, olives, cucumbers, and mustard vinaigrette. 

We had chicken liver pâté…

…from this NYT recipe.

A pound of livers, thyme and port. Heavy cream, shallots, and plenty of butter. 

Devoured with soda crackers from Diamond Head Bakery. Most decadent.

A stir-fry of pancetta, leeks, and asparagus.

This dish would make a nice weeknight dinner. With a big bowl of rice!

And then the roast chicken came out of the oven. Super crisp skin. Carrots and onions, and all the drippings. Oh man, we should have made gravy. Time to eat.

But save room for dessert. We’ve got strawberries with crème fraîche and honey…

…and Lady M’s strawberry mille crêpe for Megan’s birthday ^_^

NYC | Matcha Mornings

Happy Monday.

Let’s start off the week with some matcha gifs (thanks, Allen :)

A few of you emailed from this post, asking for tips/pointers on how to make matcha.

We’ll put together a short video (my first ever!!) just for you. 

But in the meantime…

…just scoop, whisk, and drink.

Ahhhhh ^_^

NYC | Afternoon Tea at Greenwich Project

Bao and I had tea at Greenwich Project today.

It’s one of the few non-hotel places that serve a proper afternoon tea (other places include Bosie Tea Parlor, Lady Mendl’s, FP Patisserie, and Podunk). 

They have eight different Mariage Frères blends on the menu. I had French Breakfast and Bao went with Thé Vert Marco Polo (the green tea version of their famous Marco Polo tea). 

Let’s begin with sandwiches! These were excellent and assembled to order. You’d be surprised by how many places make sandwiches in advance and either freeze or cover it in plastic. Select three from seven options. I put an asterisk next to the ones we had.

  • salmon and cucumber
  • truffle egg salad*
  • ham and manchego*
  • fie and brie*
  • taleggio and pear
  • chicken, walnut, and apple salad
  • sea bream rillete

Warm cranberry and toasted walnut scones, brown sugar muffin, and melted chocolate muffin.

Scones come with lemon curd and Devonshire cream…

…and a delicate sugar crust. 

And then to the sweets!

Apricot pâte de fruit…

…and snickerdoodle cookies.

Chocolate truffles…

…and Mexican wedding cookies.

A caramel-hazelnut biscotti…

…raspberry linzer cookies…

…and one very pretty mint-topped fruit tart.

Till next time ^_^