How to Make Lapsang Souchong Tea-Cured Salmon

We have a new video ^_^

Remember Tea-Cured Salmon? We devoured that entire cut for breakfast with scrambled eggs and roasted tomatoes. Then we made another batch…along with a video.

We’re keeping the videos under a minute (because even I start to lose attention after a minute). It’s a simple dish. The only “hard” part is waiting for it to sit in the fridge overnight. I love the bold, smoky flavors that lapsang souchong tea imparts on the salmon. It’s like making smoked salmon without doing any of the smoking.

Super huge thank you to Allen. These videos wouldn’t exist without his talent ^_^

Afternoon Tea | Ritz-Carlton New York, Central Park

We’re back at The Ritz-Carlton Central Park for afternoon tea ^_^

It’s been awhile since my last visit

….but I can always count on their spicy chai (pictured at top). Comes with cream and sugar in the pot, so velvety and warming. Let’s get start with the savories!

There’s egg salad with black truffles on pain de mie…

…and chicken salad with tarragon on seven-grain. 

A mini lobster and caviar roll with yuzu aioli. Brioche bun!

Rosemary ham with dijon and pickles on a warm cheddar scone.

Cucumber and dill with greek yogurt crème fraîche on pumpernickel.

The signature Ritz scones. Warm and giant scone dotted in plump raisins and baked with a crackling sugar crust.

Best devoured with clotted cream and preserves.

Let’s take a break with a new pot of tea. This is “T” Blend, a combination of Ceylon, Darjeeling, and Jasmine. 

And then onto the sweets!

There are custard cream puffs…

…and layered almond and raspberry cakes. 

Little tarts in chocolate…

…and banana.

And single-bite red velvet cakes topped with a whipped cream cheese frosting.

Till next time ^_^

NYC | Ichimura At Brushstroke

Sushi night with Allen and Lisa. Ichimura!

Ready to omakase? Here we go ^_^

Zensai (Ankimo, Bonito, Mirugai, and Baby Squid)…

…and Sashimi (Otoro, Kinmedai, Tai, Engawa, and Abalone).

Chawan mushi with crab, ginger, and black truffles.

Kinmedai / Golden Eye Snapper

Sea Bream…

…and Baby Sardine.


…and Sayuri / Needle Fish.

Spanish Mackerel…

…and Akamutsu.

Tuna marinated in soy sauce for 35 minutes…

…and tiny sweet shrimp. 


…and Hokkaido Uni!




…and Anago.

Three types of tuna, layered on top of one another o_O


And for dessert, matcha ice cream with white chocolate and nigori sake affogato.

Here’s what the ice cream looks like after it’s affogato-ized

…and hojicha pudding with kuromame and toasted buckwheat kernels ^_^

How to Make Matcha Latte

Remember last week’s Matcha video? This week we have a Matcha Latte one, huzzah!

It’s basically matcha + steamed milk + honey.

Super mahalo to Allen for putting this all together. All I did was pour and whisk ^_^

A few notes:

  • Thank you for comments/feedback from the first video. We included measurements (like how much water is “just the right amount”) in this video.
  • We used whole milk, but matcha lattes are also amazing with soy and almond milk.
  • What other tea-related videos are you guys curious about…more tea drinks? Tea cooking? Tea ice cream and sweets? The possibilities are endless.

Ok, hope you are having a good week!