Two Nights in Los Angeles

On Friday we flew to San Diego for a wedding. On Sunday we drove to LA for two nights. We arrived before dinner…

…stopping at Tortoise General Store in Venice and Urth Caffe for matcha drinks (full post here). 

We got giant sea salt chocolate chip cookies from M Street Kitchen (must return for the banana chocolate cookies!)

Then checked into The Huntley

…and had dinner #1 at AOC. Photo from Allen! Fyi, Lady M‘s first LA location is right next door.

Spanish fried chicken on the left. String beans and burrata on the right…

…and baby broccoli and soft shell crabs with fried green tomatoes.

And dinner #2 at Night+Market in Silver Lake.

Larb Gai and Gang Ho (pork belly, fermented bamboo shoots, pickled garlic and ginger, glass noodles).

We ate ice cream once a day for the entire trip.

And the first LA stop was at Sweet Rose Creamery for…

…fresh mint chip and strawberry. 

The next morning…

…we went to Roy Choi’s POT at The Line Hotel in Koreatown.


Kimchee, the Kat Man Do…

…and Jamaal Wilkes (tofu, shrimp, clams, mussels, kimchee, scallion, pork belly and poached eggs).

Roy Choi also runs a bakery in the front part of the hotel. The baker was from Momofuku Milk Bar and you can spot a lot of Momofuku influence…and oddly enough, a good deal of Hawaii influence. Think butter mochi and sweet bread! 

After lunch we stopped by Hwa Sun Ji, a Korean tea shop for a new tea scoop…

…and then drove to Go Get Em Tiger for fizzy hoppy tea and almond-mac nut milk lattes (full post here). 

When we realized we didn’t have dessert yet, we went to Scoops Westside for a little treat.

Salty Oreo on top, and Banana-Hefeweizen on the bottom. 

Back to the hotel for a nap and stroll around the Third Street Promenade.

Soon it was time for dinner…at Q Sushi! Edomade-style sushi.

And new adventures in uni! 

This is uni cured in sake lees for a month. Tasted like dulce de leche. Check here for the full post on the omakase.

After dinner we had dessert at the bar of Red Medicine. Milk Chocolate Cream with buckwheat milk poured tableside. 

Then walked around for a bit before going to Carmela for ice cream.

Cucumber sorbet on top and earl grey ice cream on the bottom. They also had matcha ice cream.

Next morning! Late breakfast/early lunch at The Apple Pan! This place is fantastic. Neat tidbit: the Johnny Rocket chain was based off Apple Pan. One giant U-shaped counter and the most efficient service on the planet.

One steak burger…

…and a slice of apple pie (will have to come back for the banana cream pie).

Then lunch #2 at Sqirl.

Al-Pacino (almond milk cappuccino).

Uni spaghetti with clams and bonito flakes. Lots of garlic! Super saucy!

“Kabbouleh” made of kale, cauliflower, sumac, aleppo, and currants…

…and burnt brioche toast with housemade ricotta and strawberry-rose jam o_O

Next stop, Grand Central Market for…

…more fizzy hoppy tea at G&B Coffee (same owner as Go Get Em Tiger)…

…and then we walked (my only form of exercise) to The Pie Hole

…for Earl Grey Pie. Heaven! The butter crust is lined in dark chocolate, filled with earl grey ganache, and topped with whipped cream. I got extra whipped cream on the side…because you can never have enough whipped cream. 

After The Pie Hole we drove to Fōnuts for a Blueberry-Earl Grey donut.

They’re called “fōnuts” because they’re baked, not fried. Tasted more like a muffin than a donut.

Allen took this photo. Here’s the instagram version heehee ^_^

Next stop, Sprinkles Ice Cream! Love the concept of taking all their cupcake flavors and turning it into ice cream flavors. Can you spot the red velvet waffle cones?

Red Velvet ice cream (with bits of red velvet cupcake and cream cheese) was amazing. We also got Rocky Road (top) and Banana (bottom). 

We spent the afternoon eating dessert…and soon it was time for dinner at Orsa & Winston.

We did the five-course menu which started with yogurt panna cotta, basil, and roasted tomatoes.

Kampachi crudo with melon gelée and rhubarb.

Roasted carrot and ginger soup with housemade crème fraîche and toasted brioche.

Warm milk bread and togarashi butter, coddled eggs with pancetta and cream.

Geoduck and lobster risotto.

Roasted lamb loin with black cherries and koji potatoes.

Grapefruit granita with kumquats.

Summer strawberry crumble and coconut sorbet, roasted banana-caramel tart and rum ice cream.

Next stop/post…Yountville and Napa! ^_^

Los Angeles | Q Sushi

Edomae-style omakase for two at Q Sushi ^_^

Hirame from South Korea

Kampachi from Japan

Kushi oyster from Vancouver 

Seared toro and shishito paste

Akami from Spain with miso paste

A very thick, blended miso soup



Black snapper from New Zealand

Orange clam from Boston

Baby abalone

Marinated bluefin tuna



Cured salmon and kelp



Santa Barbara uni


And a very special treat! This is uni cured for a month in sake lees…

…the texture is super custardy and the flavor is akin to dulce de leche. Most magical ^_^

Santa Monica | Matcha Drinks at Urth Caffe

Found! Three types of matcha-based drinks at Urth Caffe in Santa Monica. 

1. Matcha Bebero. Whisked matcha layered with sweetened condensed milk. 

2. Matcha “shot.” A mini-serving of matcha. How cute would mini-matcha gelato sundaes look in these tea bowls?

3. Matcha latte. Super fun latte art! Swans, bears, hummingbirds, kittens, and elephants.

P.S. Urth Caffes also does a Monkey Granita (made of matcha and bananas), a ton of other tea lattes (rooibos, chai, earl grey). It’s a little chaotic in here but love that they offer so many tea-based drinks ^_^

Los Angeles | Fizzy Hoppy Tea at Go Get Em Tiger

Aloha from Los Angeles ^_^

Am here for a quick two-night stay (and then fly to Yountville on Wednesday!) We’ve been eating/drinking non-stop and managed to squeeze in a visit to Go Get Em Tiger this afternoon. Everyone keeps talking about their iced latte, but it was the Fizzy Hoppy Tea that caught my eye.

You can order the tea alone (brewed black tea using water infused with citra hops), but it also comes on the side if you get a macchiato or the Business + Pleasure which is a three-part set that includes espresso, almond-macadamia nut milk latte, and the tea. Reminds me of 1+1 from Box Kite Coffee in NYC.

Also worth noting is a solid menu of loose teas (from Song Tea in San Francisco) offered iced, or hot in 4-ounce (a “single infusion”) and 12-ounce servings.

This is the cold-brew (super trendy heheh) Golden Needles. 

Till next time ^_^

A Matcha-Kinako Cocktail

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Matcha and kinako! Two ingredients I love for this week’s tea video  ^_^

We went to a cocktail event at Angel’s Share the other month. My favorite drink of the night was this matcha cocktail…so clean and refreshing. You basically whisk a serving of matcha, shake it with vodka and ice, and then serve in a kinako-rimmed glass. Now all we need is some warabi mochi to make this a complete meal…