36 Hours in Hong Kong

15170059909_7f22561502_cSnippets from a 36-hour layover in Hong Kong, one of my favorite cities to visit ^-^

1. Discovered at a tea shop on Shipyard Lane, a unexpected pairing of tieguanyin and rose petal honey on toast.

15170132550_f51ec27d2f_c2. Lunch at Tosca, finishing on plum cakes, pistachio ice cream sandwiches, and clouds of chocolate.

15170125410_6f16f6ba43_c3. Walls and walls of yixing teapots o_O

15333812026_1d26e73c8e_c4. Bolo baos at every opportunity, including breakfast at the Ritz-Carlton. Best toasted, sliced and stuffed with salted butter.

15353637511_b64ab8f475_c5. Truffles Infiniment Vanille from Pierre Hermé Hong Kong…a little morning treat.


Autour de Grand Marnier | A Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong and Grand Marnier Tea Collaboration

15170250168_10f64873a4_cReady for tea?

Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong and Grand Marnier are doing an afternoon tea collaboration! The tea is called Autour de Grand Marnier, and it’s running just till the end of the month…stay tuned for a new collaboration next month ^-^

15170063499_d001705035_cTea is served at Café 103 (visit The Lounge for a traditional, three-tiered afternoon tea). Window seats are best…Hong Kong views from the 103rd floor are magical.

15356826055_98c0b868b1_cLet’s start with savories. There’s foie gras mousse tucked between orange macaron shells…

15353641281_49d5bd74cc_c…Grand Marnier-marinated smoked salmon and ikura on focaccia…

15356506852_974dceaba2_c…pepper roast beef and horseradish cream on a mini bun…

15170301007_aa5ec685c8_c…and a truffled mushroom puff.

15170248418_6eddb5d6c5_cOn the sweet side, there’s a strawberry-rhubarb verrine…

15356825775_dc89905595_c…a chocolate-orange tart…

15170126870_8d4164422b_c…the Tobago…

15356506262_0f5277fe58_c…the Constellation…

15170247618_e67a3535cc_c…the Exotique Finger…

15356505592_e1997e713f_c…and The Cake.

Ritz-Carlton created this Grand Marnier chocolate cake in early 2014 (it’s available at all Ritz-Carltons around the world). Orange confit! Valrhona chocolate! The Cake was the inspiration for the tea collaboration ^_^

Good Morning from HKG…


…I’m in Hong Kong Airport for a quick layover. Eating jook (with every single topping possible) for breakfast at the Cathay Pacific Lounge and catching up on work. Heading to Krabi in an hour!

Was in Charleston all last week (first time visting in the South) and have so many stories to share. Stay tuned ^-^

Condé Nast Traveler | Afternoon Tea in Hong Kong

Happy Tuesday ^-^

Head to Condé Nast Traveler for 5 Unforgettable Afternoon Tea Services in Hong Kong. From the Mandarin Oriental to the Intercontinental, Ritz-Carlton, Langham, and Island Shangri-La there’s something for everyone (assuming you have an insatiable love for tea and sweets).

Each place does something a little special, so make sure to keep an eye out for the following:

  • Rose petal jams at the Mandarin Oriental
  • Earl grey tea jelly at the Intercontinental
  • Matcha bread at Island Shangri-La
  • Marshmallow macarons at the Langham
  • Foie gras sandwiches at Ritz-Carlton