Nutcracker Afternoon Tea | Mandarin Oriental New York

15908206556_74267c791c_cJust for the month of December…

15746578938_bef083f5b5_c…the annual Nutcracker Tea at Mandarin Oriental New York. Today, a table for three. Drinking Ceylon blended with roses…

15934006635_19993923f6_c…and a cocktail of rum, cardamom, lime, and lemongrass. Just because.

15908210066_c3a99e9c42_cWith the afternoon tea revamp, the┬áscones, savories, and sweets are delivered as separate┬ácourses. First, warm ginger scones…

15908209036_322f4dd7b3_c…with orange marmalade and housemade cranberry jam…

15747976739_e1a7bede86_c…and whipped clotted cream.

15747976159_6d9ce7b739_cAnd then sandwiches!

  • Sweet potato and kale terrine | candied spiced pecans, pumpernickel
  • Apple chicken salad | pickled grapes, smoked almonds, brioche
  • Truffle egg salad checkerboard | micro celery
  • Smoked salmon pastrami | grain mustard aioli, dill pickled radish, rye pinwheel

Many of the sandwiches overlap with the classic tea, so no worries if you can’t make it in December…

15908206556_74267c791c_c…but you have to until the following December for these sweets.

15748253457_904feabc95_cEggnog panna cotta

15908204056_9d12688bb8_cLinzer star cookies

15933354252_ebba28e32c_cBoozy fruitcake

15933356932_ef109dd8e4_cCoconut-spiced chocolate snowball

15748251207_ab3424e20f_cCaramel toasted pecan pie. Till next time ^-^


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