2015 | A Year of Travel

15848565493_b9c86e2d70_cIt was a good year of travel (though I realized that’s exactly what I said in 2014 ^-^)

16142882849_fd156529ce_c2015 started at home in Honolulu…

23336688576_051df85150_c…and then to NYC…

kk…and Tokyo…

16281030048_3e7bf12654_c (1)…then Hong Kong.

18630028151_f76611a1c1_cBack to NYC for a month…

16853318667_dd4f213c75_c…then Maui…

17176308709_8366ec26ab_c…and Oahu…

17181424929_59f8f983f6_c…then the Big Island…

17570549712_1a9683816a_c…and Scottsdale, Arizona.

18602210726_1103b87f1c_cBack to NYC.

17485360853_b2104e1f78_cThere was Doha, Qatar in May…

18867988732_f43d45a1da_c…and Monaco in June.

18687603268_51c2f0897e_cFollowed by Paris.

19638950822_766b80f6e7_cIn July, my first road trip to Maine for a million lobster rolls…

20549956915_465037ef73_c…then Napa and San Francisco a few weeks later.

20645468789_0309909e5c_cAnd back to friends and feasts in NYC.

21125806706_97017e9750_cIn August, Chengdu!

21272224521_26114f5eeb_cAnd Hong Kong again.

21520459128_8f1cfa6a5e_cNYC for a day, and then straight to Hawaii…

21091128623_cc28f3f156_c…and then London

21959250010_d283f2b40b_c..and Patagonia


21965143010_d104cfb96d_c…and Buenos Aires.

22563561995_e664234a7a_cBali for a week in October…

22489493948_fde6a12ff7_c…and San Francisco for another in November.

22994885509_852a74c681_cBack to NYC in time for autumn.

23067022130_dbc621e9c3_cThen to Philly¬†for Thanksgiving…

23297636759_7418fd7a28_c…and Honolulu for December. Let’s hope 2016 is just as wonderful¬†^-^

  • kat
    January 1, 2016

    looking forward to your posts, have a great 2016!

    • Kathy YL Chan
      January 3, 2016

      you too, kat! hope all is well ^-^

  • Kelsey M
    January 2, 2016

    Wow that certainly was a (wonderful) year of travel!

    Hopefully you’ll come back to NYC again soon (and maybe stop by The Mandarin’s Tea Room)!

  • Marilyn
    January 19, 2016

    Amazing! If you could choose just one spectacular tea time in London, which one would it be? I will be in London in May.

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