NYC | Frida Kahlo Afternoon Tea at The Pierre

17516396489_28f68ff2ab_cThere’s a new afternoon tea at The Pierre

17702937961_76c5989a9c_c…it’s called the Frida Kahlo afternoon tea (in tribute to the New York Botanical Gardens’ new Frida Kahlo exhibit), and runs from May 14 – June 12. It’s presented in the same style as their traditional afternoon tea…only with some menu twists.

Let’s start with the savories:

17700140382_0d0dcea800_cSmoked salmon, annatto, and cream cheese mini burritos

17515117720_9b42bfc884_cMini shrimp tacos with fruit salad

17080131804_123b83e150_cSaffron chicken tartlet

17702881971_a649d34e13_cDeveiled egg brioche buns with red sorrel

17516367799_b4c065fb63_cAngus beef empanadas

17080122804_43104e200a_cManchego cheese churros with spice dust

17702965781_a623616fda_cAhh and don’t forget about the tea!

17700187232_50d896a27a_cSharing oolongs and chai.

17514681828_172e1266e4_cOn the middle tier: spiced pineapple and lime scones. Whipped devonshire, raspberry preserves, and lemon curd.

17514964100_3ff2294e66_cCashew cream cheese squares

17702794881_00519deb32_cLemon apricot sandwiches

17700016762_00fc670911_cChocolate sand cookies

17676266046_417c380173_cTop tier: Fruit tartlets in blueberry…

17700059282_e9649946aa_c…and raspberry.

17516285219_b2e0a5b2f4_cMacadamia nut and lilikoi financiers

17676274406_e49633573e_cFloral meringue

17700036402_464281ae7f_cAncho chili milk chocolate cake

17515042790_5c82d58f33_cLavender crème brûlée tart

17514733298_08b39c55b1_cCoffee and strawberry macarons

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  • Brenda
    May 24, 2015

    Dear Kathy:
    You did a beautiful job on the Frida Kahlo Tea at the Pierre, going to check timeout in the next week or so. Thank you, Brenda

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