Afternoon Tea | Four Seasons Doha

17914299038_427d7b569b_cHello from Qatar ^-^

It’s a hazy 110F today (even in the shade)…but it’s beautiful and calm inside the Tea Lounge at Four Seasons Doha. Care to join me for afternoon tea? It’s the property’s 10th anniversary so they’re doing a special afternoon tea. Table for two, please.

17914310338_aab5802cb8_cI like that corner table in the small room to the left. Well-lit and private.

Green, black, oolong, and rooibos are offered alongside blended fruit tisanes. They also have fresh herbal infusions including mint and ginger, and three signature tea blends on the menu:

  • Four Seasons Spring Blend | Chinese green tea, rose petals, pear, and strawberry
  • Four Seasons Fall Blend | Ceylon, oolong, bergamot, and vanilla
  • Four Seasons Winter Blend | Darjeeling, keemun, jasmine, and golden calendula

17914879660_1dfc1ba8c4_cLet’s begin with the savories…

17914649258_45c31d9b68_cCucumber and cream cheese on white

18102562185_5ec8614049_cFoie gras macaron

18102565365_89127957f3_cChicken and black truffles on a walnut bun

18076057096_fd33946a2d_cLobster club

17916335079_e7d7c4b969_cSmoked salmon and caviar on rye

18076043786_2f3518bb73_cBurrata, tomato, and garlic croutons

18103518561_182b517663_cA refresh on the tea (you can change flavors with each pot refill).

17479978014_5e484c5fbb_cAnd instead of just one or two types of scones, you get…

18099070962_45ac4de108_c…plain scones…

18099076042_4fe9693e10_c…cinnamon cream scones…

18076004426_9da160e4d2_c…and crumpets!

18102608745_62db5b14d0_cWe ate them all, of course. With sides of Devonshire cream, lemon curd, raspberry jam, and orange marmalade.

18103490261_8517abff61_cA little dollop of each.

17914303528_461f16b29e_cAnd a break for more tea.

17914669058_b6b1263ab3_cAnd the sweets!

18103531921_7e3d13fd23_cLilikoi tarts. Custard on the inside, a ring of meringue and fresh lilikoi in the center.

18099089272_0fe9194728_c24k soft chocolate cake

17481972223_155defe798_cNutella cheesecake

17914845250_75540208c7_cRaspberry mousse on sablé breton

18103536651_1956b6007a_cVanilla éclair with rose essence

18103605981_26012464c2_cLet’s do this soon again ^-^



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