Afternoon Tea | The Peninsula Paris

18688310708_12f5651111_cReady for tea? We’re at The Peninsula Paris (yay, Paris!) this afternoon…

18689790779_926fa18def_c…and there are two types of afternoon tea on the menu. We had to try them both.

18689843189_592a3ef03f_cTea is served in The Lobby. Have a seat, place your order. There’s a wide selection of loose leaf served hot…

18689847199_556df10de0_c…and a few iced options. This one is an iced earl grey.

18253423274_529c39a1be_cThat’s the traditional afternoon tea on the left and the Julien Alvarez Tea Time Interpretation on the right. Julien is the pastry chef at Peninsula Paris….wish I was there for his rose tea.

18255353583_39686bc031_cWe’ll start with the traditional. Savories include:

  • Scottish salmon, fresh dill
  • Cucumber, cream cheese
  • Egg mimosa

18688300690_87933c95c1_cWarm currant scones come with…

18255382413_db3f509ff8_c…clotted cream, orange marmalade, and raspberry jam.

18875950315_70da4f05ed_cA little of everything ^-^

18849722996_b0f3dcc088_cAnd the sweets. Clockwise from the top:

  • Bananaoffee pie
  • Caramel shortbread macaroons
  • Carrot cupcake
  • Cherry cheesecake (like panna cotta set on butter shortbread)
  • Key lime pie
  • Strawberry trifle

18689837979_efeb4302f9_cThe Julien Alvarez tea includes savories:

  • Chicken and herbs, baby lettuce, brioche bun
  • 36-month comté, ham on the bone
  • Tomatoes, organic egg, and tapenade

18255348533_990ba48698_cInstead of scones, you get these soft, sweet buns that taste like a cross between Hawaiian sweetbread and brioche. A little bit of sparkling sugar and cinnamon sprinkled on top. These might have been my single favorite item at tea…so simple, so wonderful.

18870791782_39d597e829_cAnd the final round of sweets:

  • Mini tartlets
  • Fig biscuit
  • Pistachio macaron
  • Mini Profiteroles
  • Vanilla-lime puff pastry
  • Chocolate mousse

18255313233_3c243b95e5_cTill next time ^-^


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