Afternoon Tea | The Plaza Hotel

19392132853_b793fe45a3_cFriday afternoon, tea for two…

20005371062_58e97fb667_cA corner table at The Palm Court at The Plaza Hotel…

19826356259_0582645b1b_c…where they do two types of afternoon tea (plus a children’s tea). There’s the classic afternoon tea, and the champagne afternoon tea. We went with the latter.

20005358182_0dcfcffec8_cYunnan Buds for Bao, and a 2011 Meng Hai Shu Cha for myself. The tea leaves are steeped and removed in the kitchen, so you receive a perfect pot at the table. One thing that would make this even nicer is if they brought out the steeped leaves (for teas that should be steeped multiple times like oolongs and pu’erhs) on a dish so you can send it back for a second steeping. Note the note cards tucked underneath the teapots, useful if you have a larger group and want to taste the different teas at the table.

Shall we begin?

19824970818_bd1c10a026_cThyme-roasted prime rib with horseradish aioli, and arugula on an onion roll…

19825088950_44e2596b82_c…peekytoe crab salad with green apple, cucumber, black truffles, and grain mustard aioli on a pretzel crostini.

19392096593_ce4c6e3b43_cToasted brioche brushed with fig jam and topped with foie gras torchon, sweet and sour shallots, and cracked hazelnuts.

19825094800_e599f34aed_cHudson Valley smoked salmon with pickled mustard seeds and smoked salmon mousse piped into pressed cucumber.

19826429089_76a03b5f29_cA miniature lobster roll with daikon sprouts on buttered brioche.

20018309451_cd02fb5fbe_cConfit New Potato filled with chive crème fraîche and American sturgeon caviar

20018322271_ebc3bc17b2_cScones were on the bottom tier with accompaniments of double Devonshire, lemon curd, and blueberry preserves…

19826391659_0a869f5c69_c…one each of the plain and currant-almond scone.

19825032370_0703ced614_cAnd now for the sweets! Opéra cake…

19390431264_ae4e842bb0_c…and a chocolate-lilikoi macaron.

20013024235_9867c44ec6_cParis Brest…

19390411944_f51e64409e_c…and tarte tatin.

20018289571_d583a37de0_cTahitian vanilla éclair…

19824940348_7ffbc81517_c…a berry fruit tart.

19392076163_40ac8f7f8c_c…and the salted caramel ganache tart ^-^

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