Afternoon Tea | Mandarin Oriental Macau

25112051862_50fbe78bde_cMonday afternoon, tea for two

25204020586_82d493b247_c…at Mandarin Oriental Macau. First, a pot of bai hao¬†and tiny rosebuds…

24934698700_6bf70669dd_c…and then,¬†savories. Grilled forest mushrooms and cucumber on white.

25112049552_f30e0830b6_cSmoked salmon and dill cream on squid ink bread.

25230305775_f7abf1d143_cGammon ham and honey mustard with cheddar cheese.

25204019886_2286b5a8a3_cShrimp cocktail tartlet with red peppers and tobiko.

25204016146_3935222870_cWarm raisin and plain scones…

25230306745_dcf653b789_c…with clotted cream, raspberry ja, and orange-lilikoi jam.

25204017706_79ab4d3d31_cA little of everything.

25137109911_0ed28b4e2b_cAnd then, sweets. Pistachio and raspberry lollipop.

24934698680_7022e21fab_cCoffee and mascarpone chiffon cake.

24603508503_91579ee49f_cCaramel apples and financier.

25204018236_99bfc6612d_cBaked banana cake.

24599646744_05e11694b7_cAnd my favorite, coconut panna cotta with pineapple chutney and mango.

25137078301_67df1c48a3_cTill next time ^-^


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