Hawaii | Fanta-Sea with The Royal Hawaiian

25735078633_b4be15f89a_cEvery other month, The Royal Hawaiian hosts a dinner series called Fanta-Sea. The concept is pretty neat. Each dinner pairs the resort’s Executive Chef Colin Colin Hazama with a local farmer on Oahu. The next one takes place this Friday (more info here) and is done in partnership with Brooks Takenaka of United Fishing Agency at Pier 38.

17362139481_e735a990e0_cThe series happens over the course of two days. First is the dinner (takes place at Azure) on Friday evening. Most guests spend the night at the resort…and the next morning, everyone heads to Pier 38 to get a hands-on look at how the ingredients are selected. Then back to the resort for a little refresher…and then lunch! Lunch is made with all the sourced ingredients from the morning visit and takes place inside the King Kamehameha Suite (which I am very excited to see heheh).

26226866160_f6c8574529_cDara sent photos from preview tasting. Dinner starts with a little bites…think Kahuku corn and lomi tomato sea asparagus…

26499718305_36b049b3ab_c…and this is the Swine & Crispy Hawaiian Snapper. The snapper is from Pier 38, served with Shinsato Farms crispy pig ears. Also in the dish are alii mushrooms (aka king oyster mushrooms), baby corn, Ululoa pea tendrils, and a brown butter chicken jus.

26064948850_936edf2746_cI’ll be attending the dinner/farm/lunch and will have a full recap here next week. Hope everyone is having a good Wednesday ^-^

This post was done in collaboration with The Royal Hawaiian. Find them here on Twitter and Instagram.


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