Afternoon Tea in Hawaii | The Kahala Hotel

25884328874_4958e49041_cThere’s a new afternoon tea at The Veranda at The Kahala Hotel.

26489305065_04e69b5ae1_cNew furnishings in the Veranda room, new china from Wedgewood (replacing the blue and white stripes from Bernardaud – see 2012 and 2014 visits), and most importantly…

26463371706_efc8cd869a_c…new sweets!

Remember meeting Michael when he was pastry chef at Mandarin Oriental New York? That was the only time I ever had haupia in NYC. But guess what…Michael just moved back to Honolulu the other month and now he’s pastry chef at The Kahala Hotel. Welcome home.

26463334276_8abedf050e_cThe new sweets portion of tea now include matcha financier with raspberries…

25884336884_a407795225_c…and a yuzu meringue bar (sablé base, yuzu custard, and toasted meringue).

26396955452_27355fa017_cBrown sugar shortbread with pink guava preserves (I wish I had an entire jar of these preserves)…

26216376130_54742338e4_c…and a macadamia nut caramel tart. It’s made from a dark chocolate tart shell filled with salted caramel and roasted macadamia nuts, all enrobed in dark chocolate. This one was my favorite.

26489280145_dcd291dd16_cEvery afternoon between 3-5pm should be like this.

25884361864_8bb7a6eb03_cLet’s take a look at the savories. Here’s pickled egg salad on crostini with serrano ham, herbs, and olive oil.

26423120001_12b4993123_cCrab and mango with yogurt, cilantro, and mint on sesame seed-crusted wheat bread.

26489235315_b75be4cb4e_cBig Island goat cheese and roasted peppers with candied walnuts on white bread.

26423111691_84c8463d63_cAnd a local ahi niçoise with boiled eggs, capers, tomatoes, basil, and celery.

26423175411_8518c79bd2_cDon’t forget about the scones. Served with clotted cream and lilikoi preserves.

26216368030_80a6320d17_cStill warm, ahhh. A little bit of each.

26216468090_f1c1a5f529_cAnd after you’re finished with tea…

25884028614_68ce067ab5_c…don’t forget to stroll around the property for a bit. Good exercise…

25886068093_82108b67c9_c (1)…and it’s also very beautiful.

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