Afternoon Tea | The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore

26228120334_b2d5811f09_cThe Ritz-Carlton in Singapore…

26833432415_ce7ef5efcc_c…serves an eight-course afternoon tea.

26560720410_60773caee8_cBut first you must decide if you want champagne. The answer is yes (always)…

26228130034_6e23893a6d_c…and then the tea (supplied by TWG). I drank Tieguanyin.

26228132204_05817c0461_cCourse one, thyme and apricot juice.

26833434905_e681325df7_cAnd housemade prawn chips. Sambal on the side.

26560722040_3680cd1983_cThen! Cold-poached salmon…

26560726540_7d5cec19f5_c…plated with potatoes and pesto.

26228121824_4af9566e70_cThree tiers with sweets on bottom, sandwiches in the middle and scones on top.

26765874671_0dcb7db101_cWe go left to right, savories first. Smoked salmon, cream cheese, and ikura on pumpernickel.

26765873561_e888001530_cRoast beef and cornichons on grain.

26739696072_ed77563d62_cChicken salad on tomato bread.

26228115904_65f6e079c7_cLayered ham and cheese on wheat.

26833413245_96d695b510_cScones offered in plain and currant. Clotted cream on the side…

26799114886_625faac2dc_c…with jams and  marmalades from Hediard.

26833420295_bdeb8d88d4_cOnto the sweets. Chocolate éclair (my favorite of the quartet).

26228114974_491a2f26eb_cLilikoi/passionfruit tart.

26765863801_224bfacdf8_cStrawberry Swiss roll…

26228872393_e07a2f0654_c…and guava macaron.

26799107066_11d74b6eff_cDishes of lemon sorbet and berries with cream counted as courses six and seven.

26799112916_6987a7d9d6_cFor course eight, the dessert trolley. This made me very happy because…

26833407565_7c8b5b1ddf_c…kueh lapis! The one on the left is prune kueh lapis and the one in the middle layers pandan with chocolate. A beautiful flavor combination. Truffles on the right.

26833402065_3ba27742c2_cTill next time ^-^


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