Afternoon Tea | Grand Hyatt Singapore

26264529483_fc440075ef_cTwo notes:

  •  Afternoon tea buffets are popular in Asia but almost non-existent anywhere else in the world
  •  Sometimes the most unattractive afternoon tea services are the most delicious. And the most attractive ones can be the least delicious. This happens more often than you’d expect.

26264528203_271850f0b3_cTea at Grand Hyatt Singapore is served at 10 SCOTTS. Most people visit for the tea buffet, but seeing as we just finished afternoon tea at Mandarin Oriental Singapore, we went with the tea set. A simple two-tier affair, no scones. To drink, a tisane of baby rosebuds.

26264524963_8f02518060_cCurry puff was excellent…as close as you get to “real food” when it comes to afternoon tea. Fried to order, super crispy and flaky. Potatoes, peas, and spicy curry sauce inside…

26264526843_c62458b757_cNext is the popiah with a side of chili water.

26264525923_d5c548e964_cAnd then the crab cake, also fried to order (this doesn’t happen often at afternoon tea). A hearty, sweet beast with remoulade.

26264523893_37cf3323f3_cWarm pretzel bun with shaved prosciutto and cantaloupe/rockmelon.

26264521983_d13d57ec36_cSweets included a berry crumble tart…

26264520883_5ffa82f68c_c…vanilla sponge cake….

26595867290_dbdb76d751_c…and chocolate mousse and cream cake.

26595870980_c44be39ce0_cBlackberry coupe to finish.

26262910404_18b5173dce_cA real cozy room for tea ^-^


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