Afternoon Tea | Mandarin Oriental, Singapore

26868432505_72783c6238_cReady for tea today? We’re at Mandarin Oriental, Singapore.

26834559846_39cb94c383_cA table for two. A pot of Royal Orchid Oolong (nearly all Singapore hotels use TWG).

26595395020_d512657623_cFirst bite, tea jelly. Chilled and topped with citrus foam. The jelly is made with the Mandarin Oriental Singapore Blend…

26595358730_6cedac98b1_cThey’re doing a Japanese-inspired afternoon tea this month, served in three courses. Let’s start in the front, left to right:

26834558576_510e0f395c_cOpen-faced tamago sandwich with sesame and togarashi

26800695501_d26f34f537_cYoung scallion and teriyaki chicken in mini pita

26595387320_8fd42958e4_cTobiko and scallop mousse on cucumber

26868446225_9b0cd804fa_cFurikake rice with smoked salmon

26868443665_f5aa51a50f_cTakoyaki with sakura zuke

26834552156_e260af0257_cChicken karaage with tonkatsu sauce

26264088563_359bd09ed9_cLobster chawanmushi with ginko nuts and ikura

26834550636_7d21c29b15_cSecond course includes both sweet and savories, hot pastries.

26774767142_28e3bd59d7_cThese are the pies and quiches:

26834544956_2b4b2b96a9_cMiso-marinated beef and pickled radish pie

26774765482_3d314f2c0d_cPotato and leek quiche

26868441865_3ca5a6523a_cTwo types of scones. Sakura blossom and Tahitian vanilla.

26774766372_581f87f879_cClotted cream, raspberry jam, and lemon curd.

26800687961_46d4cf14bf_cA little of everything.

26868432505_72783c6238_cThird courses. Sweets on three tiers. This was the best part of the tea service. Let’s work from top down, left to right.

26595368020_d22f00ac16_cMatcha-azuki choux pastry

26868425865_4b0508a8e1_cSakura white bean mochi

26868427005_ab44c1ae05_cUme plum swiss roll (real good!)

26262921804_1903af7945_cYaki-imo (roasted sweet potato) tea cake

26868429555_1b769ba8aa_cMatcha-chocolate fudge with wasabi powder

26868428745_28a461558a_cYuzu meringue sable tart

26262918664_9b710068bc_cAnd off to the next tea! Singapore is like afternoon tea heaven.



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