Afternoon Tea | The St. Regis Singapore

26793556032_666c1124ea_cRemember how afternoon tea buffets are super popular in Asia? Most hotels offer afternoon tea tiers and afternoon tea buffets in two separate dining venues (I’ll do a complete post on this soon). And the ones who offer it in the same venue usually allow guests to select between tiers or buffets. But at St. Regis Singapore, it’s combined…everyone gets three tiers and the buffet. Here’s the breakdown…

26793554112_ba96c5a6bd_c…first, pick your tea (TWG menu)…

26819530851_85e4886bb0_c…then come the three tiers followed by soup (changes daily) with a puff pastry crust.

26793549932_1da0f1fb2a_cStarting with the savories, cucumber and tomato on white.

26819532801_dd75f00f22_cSmoked salmon on wheat

26819532361_6c64c3b0c0_cEgg salad on white

26793551272_0f8ba2478a_cSecond tier has savories pastries. Asparagus and mushroom quiche and…

26793550622_13296422cf_c…foie gras choux.

26282525583_04ceaa1550_cFor scones, head up to the buffet section. Five selections! These were quite nice. All the jams, marmalades, and jellies you could desire. Clotted cream, whipped cream, honey.

26793552522_83e8baa876_cBack to the top tier. Mocha éclair…

26793553602_8cc41e81f1_c…crème caramel with orange compote.

26793553162_8e0bb25c28_cRaspberry tart…

26793552002_57596bdf50_c…and matcha and dark chocolate truffles.

26819530071_5640729536_cThe tiers at St. Regis are just alright, but the highlight is buffet. This section is all desserts. Cakes, tarts, chocolate fountain, custard and puddings, lots of fruits and local sweets (the best part). I’d picked at the tiers and save the real eating for the buffet section.

26819531781_f405e6a446_cThe also have a waffle station and a crêpe station. Yes to the artichoke-mushroom crêpe.

26793556792_c42504dcca_cTill next time ^-^


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