Afternoon Tea | Anti:dote at Fairmont Singapore

26793609842_8d5f6ae398_cTea for two on Sunday afternoon…

26853226586_7e85122ca3_c…inside¬†Anti:dote at Fairmont Singapore. Tea service (featuring TWG) here starts earlier in the day. That’s a very nice thing because it means you can have afternoon tea for lunch. Instead of tiers, sweets and savories come in a drawer chest. But! Before you even get to that part…

26793606552_4321e52ebf_c…tea begins with your choice of a starter. Pick between scrambled eggs topped with Hokkaido uni, ikura, and caviar or…

26793607542_7e996c07b8_c…and little dim sum set. Best to go with a friend and order one of each.

26281456874_dbaa0eda20_cSavories! From left to right:

  • Duck confit, foie gras terrine
  • Iberico ham and truffle tart
  • Smoked salmon, lemon cream cheese, ikura
  • Wild mushroom duxelle vol-au-vent
  • Maine lobster, pickled cucumber, dill brioche

26853217466_403370bbbe_cDuck confit, foie gras terrine

26281449944_bd0fc7705f_cIberico ham and truffle tart

26793592712_1baf421dea_cSmoked salmon, lemon cream cheese, ikura

26793593522_2abc430306_cWild mushroom duxelle vol au vent

26793594212_76baa01db2_cMaine lobster, pickled cucumber, dill brioche

26793603072_45635dedce_cOpen the middle drawer for…

26793595982_00fe5e7348_c…warm scones. Two kinds, savory and sweet. Parmesan cheese in the front and chia seeds in the back.

26281446874_850a8c9198_cTo get to the accompaniments…

26793595172_3b95f819fe_c…open the bottom drawer (which also includes two giant sugar cookies for later).

26887106315_7d1d456e27_cOne of each with raspberry jam, lemon curd, and clotted cream.

26711051780_86afc4b01f_cReady for sweets? So colorful.

26281429314_6670f83c20_cChocolate tuxedo strawberries

26281427654_40d86d242b_cBlack sesame and chocolate macaron

26281426444_5712b77d6e_cSugar cones and strawberry cream

26281430814_95e720336d_cDark chocolate cake with crushed nougat chips

26281439564_38f60b68be_cGreen apple tartlet

26281432744_152523f006_cLemon sablé, grapefruit parfait

26281434514_ce96e6c29c_cChocolate pralines

26281441614_2b4bb56fd1_cParis Brest

26281436304_fa96e78b26_cPistachio layer cake with smoked tea cream

26281437814_783373ab6a_cMini strawberry cake, vanilla chiboust

26281421214_ecd8e0b5d8_cWill be back again ^-^


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