Afternoon Tea | The Fullerton Bay Hotel Singapore

26816722446_fc69a89292_cAfternoon tea at The Fullerton Bay Hotel…

26756846592_9dd66f4078_c…takes place at The Landing Point.

26816720026_bab8fdf8fe_cBut first you must walk through the hotel, through The Clifford Pier (where I’ll check out this afternoon tea next time)…

26577842110_fea94ba3c8_c…and around the corner. Make a left, and there is The Landing Point. A couch for two, and pot of Imperial Oolong. There are 18 teas (primarily blends) on the menu (all from TWG). Unlimited refills and you can change teas with every pot. We drank five different teas over the course of the afternoon.

26246242173_a11b45760d_cBubbles, yes.

26246242833_cc2fecca94_cAnd scones plated table-side with raspberry jam and clotted cream.

26245245724_2992f97811_cSavories on the top and bottom, sweets in the middle. A very substantial afternoon tea.

26246239583_731ea7e97c_cEgg salad on wheat


26246241013_fc24b76f76_cBacon quiche

26246239153_60f891746a_cProsciutto on bagel

26245247724_6e9bdc4165_cAs soon as your done with the savories, another round of warm scones will be offered. Hard to decline ^-^

26928173361_8565317ab8_cThen you can get on to the sweets including chocolate tarts…

26246235643_0c5415d931_c…and red velvet cakes.

26246234903_c5b975b17b_cDate and walnut cakes

26246234103_2d57821cf2_cStrawberry tarts

26246233103_58174af1cf_cLemon curd tart

26756831442_323147d98b_cChocolate éclair

26246230553_e15cfd0f18_cMatcha madelines!

26756828802_4b231bfc69_cAnd a proper canelé.

26246238603_6fff20c615_cBut we’re not done yet. Don’t forget about the top tier of savories heheh. Smoked salmon…

26246238023_5ce62033ef_c…and pulled pork on brioche.

26246236883_9d72a0b30f_cA ratatouille wrap…

26246237403_b695df1413_c…and crab salad.

26246236383_ca8c901525_cFinishing simple with cucumber and cream cheese on white. A bit of ikura.

26756828182_510bba0cb3_cA lovely afternoon ^-^


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