Afternoon Tea | Shangri-La Hotel Singapore

26912715185_47ac02ae8a_cThe lobby of Shangri-La Hotel Singapore is gigantic. Big and small tables tucked behind columns and corners. Exposed or secluded, your pick. High ceilings, good light, efficient service…

26879295776_44a7648b06_c…and afternoon tea, of course.

26914948921_80ee1a0df6_cSelect teas from the regular menu…or for a little extra, one of the house infusions:

  • Blueberry-pomegranate tisane with rose petals
  • Peach black tea with fresh rosemary
  • Italian-almond black tea with elderflower syrup
  • Ginger tisane with orange peels
  • Green tea with jasmine and pandan (pictured)

26819036392_0499b337da_cLet’s look at all the bites. First, smoked salmon and cucumber on wheat.

26879332856_890172a99f_cTuna salad on grain

26879329426_590267bc88_cA salt and pepper ham roll and…

26879331116_5679ed80cf_c…turkey and cheddar on white.

26879327926_b4ebd243b0_cWarm scones with strawberry jam and clotted cream.

26819039282_5afce68106_cFinishing with the sweets. Raspberry mousse and brown sugar cookies…

26845077851_32690ceeba_c…candied fruit canelé.

26819045772_17f62b8211_cFruit tarts and…

26879336766_e5a735d3db_c…dark chocolate mousse/layer cakes.

26819002532_6a0cc2de68_cA good afternoon ^-^


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