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28278867615_044a703678_cHawaii mochi is very different from Japanese mochi. It’s softer, more gentle. It doesn’t have the precise, flawless look of Japanese mochi, but I find the final product more happy and enjoyable. In the end, it’s all about pleasure ^-^

I have two regular mochi spots in Honolulu. The first is Nisshodo in Kalihi (post here and here for more chichi dango). The second is Happy Hearts Mochi. Happy Hearts doesn’t have a retail storefront. You have to order via email (at least two business days in advance), schedule a pick-up time, and then go to Natsunoya Tea House in Liliha for pick-up. It’s worth it.

27663445673_f5979d8908_cI first mentioned Happy Hearts Mochi in 2009. It’s time for an update. I like Bento #4 (see them all here). It includes a taste of everything and is the right size for a snack (for two people).

28278866075_cfffb7d88a_cAt the top center of the box is Strawberry Mochi…

27663437073_8fac5f628a_c…whole strawberry inside, wrapped in azuki bean paste and then wrapped in mochi.

28278864315_dd39ea5e6d_cThis is the Peanut Butter Mochi…

27663434963_873e8a90b1_c…also get azuki! Super decadent. I like how they use salted peanut butter.

28278861435_eab41d6bcd_cBottom row has all different types of haupia mochi. This is Original Haupia…

27663433273_fcc21e8bf6_c…one big cube of fresh haupia inside.

28278859895_473f1c57bd_cThe Chocolate Haupia…

27997503760_ec4c902feb_c…has a chocolate filling that’s like a cross between classic haupia and the filling inside a Ted’s Bakery pie.

27663437973_f2138cebcf_cThe Hazelnut Coffee Haupia…

27997506630_4cc85ba32d_c…with a sprinkle of coconut flakes on top ^-^

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