A (Vegan) Afternoon Tea | Shangri-La Paris

28956146486_ac35bbda4a_cA (vegan) afternoon tea, served in-room at Shangri-La Paris.

28956149066_0a069e7101_cI suppose dreams really do come true…

28956150286_63b02d58e6_cWe’ll start with the savories.

28371763123_d067d6ab15_cBrown bread with spiced cabbage and daikon

28956144026_e4e8d66304_cGreen apples with herbs and vegetables

28956142536_50f284c4bd_cCucumber and tomato roll

28956128336_30f20d3ca3_cWarm scones, one plain and one with fruit and nuts.

28371756423_dbc3c0e2a1_cWhipped cream and a bit of lemon zest.

28369440124_04fb3599ca_cPlain first, fruit/nut next. All devoured with an extra helping of cream.

28883471612_8bfae0e2b8_cWe went through multiple pots of tea, alternating between oolongs and a ’90 pu’erh. So happy to have this tea-pick at the table…the little touches matter most.

28371771903_01c822bb20_cA trio of sweets. All those berries!

28371761003_3ca84a12a3_cRaspberry and lemon verbena with two types of lemons

28371759823_ac0aa71446_cPiedmont hazelnuts…like a wonderful, whipped Ferrero Rocher.

28371762823_f524af6f65_cCiflorette strawberries and coconut.

28956153736_d5a18d8376_cThe “dry” sweets. I wish more afternoon tea services had this “fourth tier” of desserts. Extra tiny bites worth lingering over.

28371759163_ea99dfc38a_cAlmonds and hazelnuts

28371757873_db341f38fa_cItty bitty raspberry cake

28369423684_0bce5e8653_cApricot and pistachio financier

28371758593_3cc3e331f6_cStar anise shortbread

28371769853_e5789c149e_cHopefully not just once in a lifetime ^-^

  • Brenda
    December 5, 2016

    Please add me to your mailing list so I may receive your blog. Thank you

  • Yehwon Kim
    December 21, 2016

    Wonderful afternoon tea!

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