Hawaii | Afternoon Tea at Moana Surfrider

31146361870_f389858abd_cIt’s time for afternoon tea at Moana Surfrider ^-^

I’ve been here over two dozen times (since middle school). The menu changes often so it’s never boring. And I love looking through afternoon tea archives to see how the service has evolved over the years.

They launched another new menu last month. Let’s take a look at the details…


31130002850_aef037d56f_c…a table for three on Wednesday afternoon.

(I just left NYC and got to Honolulu earlier this week. Can’t believe how cold it was there and how warm it is here. Having tea on the veranda! In a dress and no coat! What a weird, wonderful life.)

30692216483_94f7076a52_cThey present six tableside but there are a total of eight tea offerings.

  • Moana Sunset (black tea with ‘ohelo berry and mango)
  • Moana Royale (black tea with lilikoi, papaya, mango, banana and coconut)
  • Veranda Breeze (black tea with Big Island vanilla and caramel)
  • Mango Mele (black tea with mango and peach)
  • Jasmine Phoenix Pearls
  • Darjeeling
  • Lemon Rooibos

31130008570_b020a504a8_cI drink mainly straight teas at home (unless I’m testing/blending/tasting for client work). But when going out I like trying different blends. Pictured above, the Veranda Breeze.

31130006190_b34604c3f5_cTime for savories.

31130001230_9bbfe54804_cEgg salad with black truffles and truffle aioli on white bread. Pickled onions and shaved radish.

31130000240_a9b7eb423f_cSmoked salmon and furikake cream cheese on rye bread. Shaved shallots, lettuce, and fried capers.

31129999530_a8aa7fe426_cShaved pastrami on toasted focaccia. Cucumber, lettuce, mayo, and mustard.

30692213283_b686b94e85_cShaved cured duck breast on mini croissant. Watercress, frissee and cranberry mustard.

31130004800_d4e38ff32f_cOrange zest and blueberry scones on the middle tier. Two per person. Still warm, the ideal size…

31129995080_17aa889dc2_c…served with lilikoi curd and devonshire cream.

30692215293_bde906a1ef_cAnd sweets!

31129998300_b0890e44bd_cMango macarons…

30692212003_19e1fc5352_c…lilikoi cream puff (with a cookie dough shell/crust)…

30692212523_70064d3612_c…and my favorite, a kabocha tartlet! Graham cracker crust, caramelized mac nut center, and kabocha pumpkin filling. Whipped cream and toasted pumpkin seeds.

31130003800_41e99ec9c6_cAnother round of sweets on the top tier.

31129997410_5fd9faabe0_cHazelnut cookies topped with dark chocolate ganche, all dipped in a chocolate shell.

31385539141_d76b47911e_cThe beloved haupia roll.

30692213573_bc57b6c0e2_cChocolate pot de crème. Whipped cream and candied ginger biscotti.

30692204673_f391eccc53_cThe one menu item that never changes? This single scoop of green tea-lemongrass sorbet that concludes every afternoon tea service at the Moana.

screen-shot-2016-12-08-at-1-38-19-pmOne last treat. Off-menu, but do ask for it. Crushed ice and a scoop of local mango sorbet. Steeped Mango Mele (black tea with mango and peach) poured tableside. A dreamy finish ^-^

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