Chinatown with LIE

A Sunday in Chinatown…

…spent with LIE Collection. Remember dresses from Lisbon and Tea at Three? This is one of my new go-to’s (they’re sold out of this particular dress, but here are two others I like with similar silhouettes).

First stop, Noodle Village on Mott Street for brisket and tendon noodle soup. Always with half-chou mein (rough egg noodles) and half-ho funn (wide flat rice noodles). Dumplings to share.

Then to Kam Hing Coffee Shop for sponge cakes. Left to right: plain, green tea, and coconut. I first wrote about these years ago in my Serious Eats Sugar Rush column. And they are still just as wonderful. Eggy, light.

Next, a walk south and east to Kopitiam for muah chee. Mochi. Made to order, served hot. Steaming and rolled in a crunchy mix of peanuts, toasted sesame seeds and sugar.

Servings are generous so it’s best to split this with a friend. That way, you’ll have space for…

…fried golden buns (with condensed milk to dip) at Cha Chan Tang.

And a side of sour plum-lemon soda.

Paris Sandwich for banh mi Combo #1. Pate, cha, pickles and all the right veggies. Toasted. Chili peppers to top. Excellent afternoon snack.

For the walk home, hot nai cha (milk tea) at Tai Pan.

When they ask if you want sugar, say siu siu (just a little) ^-^

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