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Afternoon tea for two at Yauatcha Waikiki.

There are two afternoon tea sets available: Regular and Vegetarian. Both include choice of tea, three savory courses (steamed, cheung fun, fried), and one dessert. Let’s look at them both ^_^

First, the tea offerings:

  • Jade Oolong with Hawaiian Hibiscus (a Yauatcha Waikiki exclusive)
  • Straight Leaf Jasmine Green (Taipei, Taiwan)
  • Classical Beauty Oolong (Taipei, Taiwan)
  • Lapsang Souchong (Fujian, China)
  • Heirloom Emerald Green (Yunnan, China)
  • Anxi Tie Kuan Yin (Fujian, China)

The vegetarian set (which ended up being my favorite) starts with bamboo dumplings and Chinese chive flower dumplings.

Next, three-style mushroom cheung fun…

…and pan-seared vegetable Shanghai dumplings.

For dessert, a choice of the Chocolate Pebble or Apple Vanilla Choux. We had the latter, a choux pastry filled with apples, Calvados raisins, and crème diplomat.

Jade Oolong with Hawaiian Hibiscus flowers.

Ready for the Regular afternoon tea menu? To begin, a steamed basket with chai siu bao, pork and prawn shui mai, phoenix tail shrimp shui mai, and har gau.

Don’t forget about the condiments.

Shrimp and gai lan cheung fun…

…the fried portion includes roasted duck pumpkin puff, and crab-kalo (taro) croquette.

Dessert, a choice of the Tropical Dome or the Raspberry Delice (chocolate, raspberry, lychee).

We’ll be back.

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