Recently in San Francisco

I’ve been in and out of San Francisco for the last few months. A mix of work and pleasure, that always seems to be the best combo…

Finally made it to Chez Panisse one night. Tomato carpaccio. Creamy albacore and caper sauce.

Pasta alla chitarra with squid braised in red wine.

Grilled Sonoma County duck breast. Fig and plum mostarda. Romano beans.

Blackberry sherbet and raspberry ice cream Pavlova.


Friday afternoon at Mission Pie…

…banana cream pie, ginger soda.

Ice cream at Ici…

…a stop at Humphrey Slocombe…

…where we had vanilla ice cream topped with cold brew and chocolate.

…Gotts for a coffee and vanilla twist.

Mr. and Mrs. Miscellaneous for a scoop each of sampaguita (a type of jasmine flower) and turmeric-chai….

…and Salt & Straw for eggplant-chocolate chip!

Back to Salt & Straw several more times. Fell in love with this carrot and zucchini cake ice cream.

Black sesame soft serve at Tartine Manufactory.

Ravioli nights. Did this with pesto!

Figs (and plums) are my favorite fruit.

Cold Drinks…

…these juicy sheng jian baos (super juicy inside) are my go-to order at China Live…

…and sweets from Eight Tables.

Bin pulling nitro tea at Boba Guys…

…nitro jasmine tea on tap.

Quick lunches at Soulva…

…and Farmhouse Kitchen…

…and warming bowls of pho ga at Turtle Tower. I like to order the “F9” because they pan fry the noodles and then pour the soup over. I also have a soft spot for Da Nang Quan but it’s a bit of a drive.

Highlights from Robin. Uni, wagyu tartare, and pears on a nori chip.


Maguro, maguro, maguro

Caviar and aioli on a potato chip nigiri

Soba with sesame oil and truffles

Poached egg with mushrooms and ikura

Wagyu and shaved foie nigiri for dessert.  Till next time (which will be next week!), SF ^-^

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