We went to Portland for a weekend. (Did you know it’s only a 4.5 hour flight from Hawaii? So close)…

Straight from the airport to Kachka…

…then back to the Dossier. We debated between Dossier and Nines…thought Dossier was nice, will try Nines next time. Sleep and then breakfast at Blue Star Donut…

…the one in back is Orange-Olive Oil (it’s an orange and fennel cake doughnut with citrus powdered sugar). The one in front is Cointreau Crème Brûlée (brioche dough stuffed with vanilla custard. Caramelized shell and a pipette of Cointreau).

…lunch at Pok Pok. Khao soi feels good on a rainy day.

Afternoon nap and then shopping at Canoe. Dinner at Le Pigeon. The five-course tasting was just the right amount of food. Two favorite dishes involved foie gras…

…first, this gorgonzola dolce pancake with seared foie gras and apples…

…and foie gras profiterole for dessert. Choux pastry filled with foie gras ice cream, finished with foie gras caramel and foie gras powdered sugar. So decadent. After dinner, Noelle and I met with a high school friend for drinks at Green Room, Clyde Commons, and Pepe’s. So many places to check out! It was a productive night.

I spent the next morning at Portland Japanese Gardens…

…they recently opened a new tea room in the gardens…more details in this post.

We had soft-serve at Whiz Bang Bar (same owners as Salt & Straw, but all soft-serve) in the afternoon.

Coava Cold Brew soft-serve with chocolate shell and homemade cookies and cream. Of course I loved it.

Then off to meet Lilith…

…to check out her studio and more specifically…

…her gaiwans.

A collection of broken gaiwans. Heartbreaking and beautiful at the same time.

Dinner at Nong’s Khao Man Gai. We picked up Voodoo doughnuts for late night snack (idea for a Sunday night of television and face masks in the hotel room).

Next day, meeting at Smith Teas…details here!

…and afternoon snack at Olympia Provisions. Charcuterie board and greens (with a good mustard vinaigrette). Then off to SF ^-^

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  • Marilyn
    December 26, 2017

    I am making a list, as I haven’t been to some of these places.

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